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Webner offers solutions and services for Insurance Agencies, Brokers, and Carriers. If you need Salesforce or Web AMS, AL3 downloads, AL3 Creation and distribution solutions, Insurance Analytics, Acord forms integration, data extraction (OCR), migration to the cloud, Back-office assistants, Hosting, and technical support services, we are here to help.

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P&C Consulting & Data Mapping

AL3 files
eLabels Mapping

Web Based Insurance AMS

IVANS Downloads
Insurance Accounting

Salesforce Insurance AMS

Salesforce Lightning
Sales Automation
Policy Administration

Insurance Software Development

Our development team is well experienced in Insurance terms and processes.

IVANS Downloads (AL3) for Policies, DB Commission and Claim files

If you want to automate downloading of AL3 data into your Agency Management System or CRM we can assist you. We have products/REST-API to download AL3 files from IVANS and to convert the files to JSON or XML. This works for Policy AL3 files, Direct Bill Commission AL3 files, and Claim files. We have business analysts to map AL3 data into your AMS/CRM and programmers to implement the mapping for automatic downloads and storage of data into your database or CRM. Webner Team has developed agency management systems from scratch (web-based as well as Salesforce applications). Read more…

Autofill ACORD Forms with Policy Data in your AMS or CRM

We have a ready product to help auto-populate ACORD forms with policy data from your AMS, show the form in the browser in the editable format with data prefilled, save changes back into your AMS/CRM, email the form to customer or agent for eSignature and attach PDF copy to the Policy or Account record. This product works with any ACORD form and even custom agency and carrier forms. You can generate Certificates of Insurance using it and also create ID cards. Auto filling ACORD forms is probably one of the most important needs of the agents looking at the number of forms and the length of the forms. Read more…

IVANS Commission Downloads, Reconcile and Split Management

If you want a comprehensive commission management feature in your Agency Management System we can assist you. Commission Downloads & Reconcile is a key module in any Agency Management System. Manually downloading commission AL3 files, converting AL3 to JSON, entering commission transactions into the AMS, matching the expected commission with the actual, calculating commission splits for producers, recording agency fee, creating payable entries and other such tasks is a lot of work and can be error-prone as well. By automating this entire process, any agency management system becomes extremely powerful for agencies and saves them a lot of time along with providing accurate information. Read more…

Insurance AMS Integration with EZLynx Rater, QQWebRater and more

We assist prominent US insurance AMS development companies and Insurance agencies for integration of their CRM or cloud based agency management systems with leading insurance rating systems. Providing quick & accurate quotes from different carriers to your potential customers is very important for increasing the prospects of success. Integration of your AMS with leading rating software for real time quoting is the right way to achieve this goal. We are at your service to help you. Read more…

Insurance Accounting Software Development

We work with leading insurance software companies as their development team from India to develop Insurance accounting software as well as for integration with standard Accounting systems like QuickBooks and Accounting Seed. Insurance accounting software developed by us includes features like Agency Billing support, Commission, Taxes & Fee support, Financed and Installment based Policies, books maintenance like Receivables, Payable, Journal Entries, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger (Income statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow, Trial balance, Transaction detail) and reports design. We have a through knowledge of the double-entry financial accounting system. Read more…

Insurance Sales Process Automation

Prominent US InsurTech companies and Insurance agencies avail our software development services for implementing effective Sales Automation in Salesforce or any other CRM. We can assist you to develop workflow rules driven Sales automation system within your CRM or your Agency Management System that will let you create new business rules and take actions based on that at predefined points. Automation of tasks, policies and opportunities creation, auto notification on change in the value of a field, multi-criteria driven workflow rules can be easily created with the Sales Automation workflows. Read more…

More About Us

P&C Insurance Experts
(Development and Consulting)

Our team is known for its P&C insurance domain knowledge along with our technical skillset. We have tremendous experience with ACORD standards (eforms, AL3, ACORD XML), all the major lines of business (Personal and Commercial), Rater integration, IVANS downloads and more. Check our InsurTech products as well.

Vast experience in Major Technologies

We bring vast technical experience with us in CRM (Salesforce Classic, Lightning, Zoho CRM), C# .NET, Java, PHP (Core, Laravel, CakePHP), Python, Javascript, React, Angular, Databases (Oracle, Mysql, Postgres, SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB), Linux, Windows, Mac and development over cloud or non-cloud infrastructure, to develop in any technology of your choice.

Development over
Cloud Platforms

We have extensive administration, development and deployment experience in various cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud and Laravel Vapor. We can take care of virtual environment creation over Linux/Windows, security, load balancing, cloud storage (S3, Google/Azure storage), RDS, Monitoring and more.

We follow Agile Methodology Best Practices

Our team follows Agile practices for iterative and incremental development, daily interaction, regular updates through calls, JIRA or any other project management tool, Sprint driven development, Continous Integration, GIT, Devops, Unit Testing and Test Automation.

Thorough Security Practices and Test Automation

Application security is a key concern that all of team members understand and they follow the OWASP Top 10 and other recommended security practices while writing code. Our Test Engineers test each component of the system from UI, Functionality, Security and Performance perspectives to ensure you get a robust system.

Clear Communication, Story writing and UI/UX Design

With Webner team, you would love the clear communication from our team members starting from user story writing/understanding, UX design, UI layouts & application flow, technical documentation, and documentation supporting the depth of testing. Our team members are confident, well qualified and able to communicate fluently.

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