Software Integration

The true potential of the internet can only be realized when different applications work in tandem. You may have a CRM system that stores Sales Orders but those Sales Orders need to go into your Accounting Software as well so that your finance department could work with them. Similarly, you may want leads from your website to get stored into your CRM. Software Integration is the basic requirement today in any organized business.

We help you integrate your different applications with each other for smooth data transfer (uni-directional or bi-directional).

Webner has integrated a vast set of software with each other including but not limited to the following:

  • QuickBooks integration (via web connector)

  • SalesForce integration with WordPress, QuickBooks, Shopify, AWS S3, and more

  • Paypal, SagePay, Payment XP, Realex, Authorize.NET, Chargify, WorldPay, Chase, and other gateways

  • MailChimp, SendGrid, Zoho Campaigns for mass mailing

  • Twilio integration for SMS

  • Integration with DocuSign, HelloSign and other eSigning systems

  • Zoho CRM, Creator, Reports, Invoice, Subscription, Books and Zoho Campaigns integration

  • Google Apps (integration with google docs, spreadsheets, google scripts)

  • Moodle LMS integration (plugins, web services, event handling)

  • Totara LMS integration (plugins, web services, event handling)

Most of the systems today expose SOAP or RESTful API for external integration. In some cases direct integration with the database is developed. Irrespective of the nature of integration you can rely on us. Contact us today to discuss your software integration requirements.


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