IVANS AL3 Downloads for Policy Transactions, DB Commission, Claims and eDocs

If you want to automate the downloading of AL3 data into your Agency Management System or CRM (or even Google Drive in sheets), we have plug-and-play solutions. We can download your files, parse them to readable JSON or Excel format, update your AMS/CRM, store this data in a database (Salesforce, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres), or append the data to sheets in Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365 as you prefer.  This works for Policy AL3 files, Direct Bill Commission AL3 files, Claim files, and eDocs. We can host, monitor, and maintain your solution without you hiring developers or AL3 data experts. As an alternative, the solution can also be self-hosted by you on your server. Apart from IVANS if you get downloads from the EBix platform, Progressive utility, or any other Carrier directly, all those AL3 files are supported.

More on AL3 files

AL3 files can be converted into JSON format by using our AL3 to JSON self-hosted solution or REST API. This process is then scheduled to make it run automatically without any manual intervention and our solution updates your CRM/database. AL3 files can contain Policy transactions (daily downloads from carriers) or Direct Bill Commission information (monthly downloads generally), Claim downloads, and eDocs with compressed PDF documents. The PDF attachments are also linked to the policy and you can open any PDF with the click of a link.

AL3 file for the Policy transactions contains all of this information:

  • Insured Information

  • Policy Summary

  • Locations and Covered Items (Auto, Home etc)

  • Coverages, Limits, Deductibles, Surcharges, Discounts

  • Additional Interests

  • Remarks and Attachments

  • Forms

  • Carrier Questions

  • Claim History and Violations

  • Prior Policy Information

  • Other Policy Information

For Direct Bill Commission files it contains:

  • Commission Summary (Totals)

  • Commission Details for each policy

Claim downloads contain crucial information about the claim, incident, adjuster information, claimant parties,  and the payment. eDocs contain alerts and activity notes along with embedded PDF files like policy documents, invoices, notices, etc.

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