Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Webner’s Salesforce SharePoint Integration provides a limitless, smart, scalable and safe integration between Salesforce and Microsoft SharePoint allowing you a more enhanced experience of using these platforms. Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service whereas SharePoint is a document management and storage system. This Salesforce SharePoint Integration gives a blend of both platforms on a single place to increase the productivity of your business. Our developers having vast experience in both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning, can integrate your SharePoint with Salesforce.

Benefits of Salesforce SharePoint Integration

  • Provides the ability to access the files present on SharePoint storage directly from Salesforce UI.

  • Real-time search in Salesforce for anything stored or indexed on SharePoint.

  • You can have the services of both platforms at a single location.

  • Save and retrieve important data without increasing your Salesforce storage.

  • Reduces the cost of data storage as there is no need to pay for Salesforce storage service.

  • Reduces productivity gaps and increases business efficiency.

  • Fulfills the requirements of users, resulting in increased adoption of CRM

  • Integration can be done on both the Salesforce Classic and Salesforce lightning platforms.

In Salesforce SharePoint Integration a lot of customization is done at Salesforce end to create a collaborative user experience from both the platforms. Following are some of the technical steps involved in the integration process:

  • Auth. Provider is created in Salesforce using the Application ID

  • Auth. Provider is customized for the new external data source (Microsoft SharePoint) introduced through Files Connect

  • External objects are defined

  • Mapping of fields in these objects is done

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