Your own P&C Insurance Agency Management System with CRM

If you are interested in hosting your own P&C Insurance AMS and making any customizations & enhancements to it to meet your agency needs, you have come to the right place. We offer a web-based CRM along with an AMS with all the major features on a license fee basis which means you do not need to pay the per-user fee. This platform is also available on a subscription basis and you can also get your own CRM+AMS developed if you are interested in that option. We can discuss your preferences and our offerings and suggest the right solution for your needs.
We have extensive experience in developing Insurance agency management systems for the USA market. Some of the most popular Insurance agency management systems in the USA for P&C insurance (both cloud-based and Salesforce-based) are developed by Webner. Webner has been developing Insurance Agency Management Systems since 2012 (starting with Techcanary). Since then we have assisted in the development of several other multitenant P&C Insurance agency management systems over Salesforce and Web platforms. Our products division WinsurTech Software Solutions is an ACORD member and we offer solutions like AL3 Parser, AL3 Creator, ACORD form filler, and policy data extractor from policy documents and acord forms. So we have the expertise to map your P&C Policy, Claims, and commission data to the system and also import your historical policy data to the AMS. In addition, we offer CRM features in your AMS (like Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Pipelines, and Quotes) and AMS functions (like policy administration, AL3 downloads, ACORD forms integration, Commission downloads, Claims & EDocs downloads, Insurance Accounting, and integration with Quickbooks or AccountingSeed). Webner Insurance developers are working with leading insurance agency management system development companies and also directly with agencies based out of the US.

Insurance Software Feature List

Insurance agencies need CRM as well as Insurance data management features.
The most common features are listed below:

CRM Features in an Agency Management System

  • Leads, Accounts, and Contacts Management

  • Opportunities Management

  • Workflow Rules to track Leads/Opportunities to create Tasks/Policies

  • Marketing Automation – Campaigns, Email/SMS Templates, Workflow Rules to decide email/SMS sequence

  • Quotes Management (Integration with Rating engines)

  • Outlook / Gmail, Google Drive, Office 365 Integration

  • Reminders, Alerts, Notifications

  • Roles and Permissions management (access control)

AMS Features

  • Policy Administration (detailed object structure for different Personal and Commercial lines)

  • IVANS Policy downloads

  • IVANS Commission downloads (Summary and Detailed information storage)

  • Claim downloads and EDocs downloads and linkage to the policy/account

  • ACORD Forms and Carrier forms integration

  • Producer Commission Splits (bases on Carrier, LOB, Transaction or a combination of these, or directly on the policy level – A fixed or percentage amount)

  • Basic Insurance Accounting, Quickbooks or AccountingSeed integration

  • Policy and Accounts data deduplication

  • Data Migration from other AMS systems

  • Google Maps integration to show property location, contact location, Endorsement management

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Technologies we work on

Our Insurance software developers have knowledge of the insurance domain and technical expertise in web development, cloud infrastructure, API integration, database, CRM, and other related platforms. So we offer the dual advantage of not only being technically sound but also possess the insurance domain knowledge so that you will not feel like talking to a non-insurance developer. We develop agency management systems and insurance software in leading technologies like Salesforce, C sharp .NET MVC Framework (with or without Azure), PHP Frameworks (Core, Laravel, CakePHP, Codeigniter), Python (Django, FastAPI), React or Java (Spring, Struts, Stripes, Hibernate). We have the expertise to develop and deploy the insurance software over cloud platforms like AWS infrastructure (EC2, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, RDS), Azure (VMs, Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables, Queues, Files), Azure Visual Studio, Azure CDN, SQL Server), Heroku and Salesforce.