Generate Certificate of Insurance and Prefill ACORD Forms

If you want to auto-generate a Certificate of Insurance (ACORD 25) as well as other certificates and prefill any ACORD Form with a single button click from your AMS/CRM, we can help you accomplish it with our solution FormCruise.

FormCruise comes with 100% REST API so it can be integrated with your system and with the click of a button on Policy or Account, you can select the required form number and hit the Open button to load the form in the browser in the editable format with data prefilled from your CRM/AMS. You can edit the form in the browser and save changes back into your AMS/CRM, eSign it, email the form to the customer or a staff member for editing & eSignature, and attach the PDF copy to the Policy or Account in Salesforce or any other AMS / CRM you are using. Apart from ACORD forms, custom agency forms, carrier forms, and any other receipts, images, and forms can also be appended to create the document bundle.

You can generate Certificates of Insurance as well using the product and also create ID cards. Not only this, you can create simplified custom forms on top of the ACORD forms to make it easy for your end user to fill the form and still get the populated ACORD form back.

Prefilling ACORD forms is probably one of the most important needs of the agents looking at the number of forms and the length of the forms. Since data to be filled in the forms is already captured in agency management systems, therefore, it is double work to fill the same in the forms manually. With FormCruise data can be filled in the forms and edited in the browser.  We work with many insurance software development companies to assist them in the implementation of COI, ACORD eForms and other agency management features like Policy downloads, commission downloads, and insurance accounting to name a few.

More on ACORD eForms

Write to us today at our development email id to implement COI generation and integrate ACORD forms in your agency management system or CRM.

List of what all is included in ACORD eForms Module

  • Search ACORD eForm based on form number or a subscribing of form title to populate it for a customer

  • On selection of a form for a customer open it in the browser window – it is pre-filled with data of that customer and associated policy

  • Make changes in the form and Save it to send data back into the agency management system

  • Email form link for E-Signature

  • Append custom images and non-acord forms to create a document bundle

  • Export filled and digitally signed form as read-only PDF or email from within the agency management system

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