Insurance Agency Website Design and CRM integration

We develope Insurance Agency Management Systems and Websites since 2012. We get the opportunity to work with a lot of agencies and understand their needs. We have an ideal blend of insurance, technology, and UI/UX experience. Choose us for the design, maintenance, and enhancements of your Agency’s website and integrate it with any CRM (like Salesforce, Zoho, NetSuite).

Insurance Agency Website Design Key Points

Visitors to your website want to quickly find out if you will be the right choice for their insurance needs. Do you serve in the line of business they want, what carriers you work with, which products are on offer, what’s the nearest location of your office for them, what’s your contact information, any testimonials, since when you are in the business, and live chat facility (Chatbot) or even to contact your team in realtime, and is there a simple form they can fill in to get a quote for the personal or commercial insurance they need, maybe a live quote if your website is connected to a Rater service (like ITC Turborater, EZLynx). Your existing clients, on the other hand, want to check if they can log in and submit an endorsement request, check the status of their prior requests, download a certificate of insurance for their existing policies, edit their contact information, pay an agency fee or premium online, download payment receipts, or request a callback. Your staff, leads, and clients may also need notification messages on their mobile and email.

Features for your Agency and Staff

Needless to say, you and your staff also need a lot from your website. New lead information must go into your CRM (like Salesforce) or AMS, and relevant staff members must be notified so that they could contact the potential client. An existing client’s endorsement request must be created as a case or support request in Salesforce or any other CRM you are using. Your agent must be able to communicate with the customer by exchanging comments on the case. If required, a dialer should be made available for your staff to make a call instantly from within the website / CRM. In addition, you would need a way to change the content, product offerings, contact information, pricing, lines of business, carrier list, user login, ACORD form mapping, and so on. That’s the reason there is an admin side to which your website managers have access and they can easily log in and change the content to keep it the latest. We understand the perspective of your staff along with the customer perspective. With us taking care of your site, you can focus on business without letting the technology become a roadblock.

Extensive Feature List to choose from

  • Nice looking Homepage with to-the-point slides and call to action buttons

  • Pages for Lines of Business, Carriers, Products, and Plans

  • Locations served, About Us, Contact Us, Email, Phone, Fax and Support information

  • Web to Lead form for new prospects, Request a callback button

  • Customer portal to login, accessing policy information, Endorsement requests, Web to Case form, Certificate of Insurance download, Pay online to support existing clients

  • Custom Quote Engine, integration with ITC TurboRater, EZLynx or other Rating engines

  • Quote form to ACORD form or ACORD XML mapping

  • Integration with Salesforce, create Leads, Opportunities, convert to Account and Policies

  • Instant important notifications to your staff, leads, and customers via email or mobile

  • Admin portal for your team to update content, products, plans, carriers, and any other piece of dynamic information

  • CRM features for your staff to reply to cases, Chatbot, live to chat with clients, dialer integration to make a quick call, call logs, notes, and attachments

  • Making your Agency’s social media messages visible on your site, blog with posts from your staff, and also the knowledge base

Why settle for less than the best?

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Other important Points

Great First Impression

Beauty is a key ingredient. Successful insurance agencies have beautiful and easy to navigate websites. Customers often judge the credibility of an agency based on the design of its website. So, don’t settle for less than the best.

Mobile Friendly

Everyone always has a mobile in hand but not a laptop. Today the majority of insurance shoppers surf on mobile devices. We design sites to automatically fit different screen sizes, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop. Customers can visit your agency’s site, request quotes and contact you from any device, anywhere.

Search Engine Friendly

Our experts combine their knowledge of SEO and consumer behaviour to improve your online presence. Agency websites developed by us are optimized for the latest search engine algorithms, giving your agency the best chances of being found online in Google, Bing and other popular search engines.

Designed for Maximum Leads

We make sure new visitors to your website see all the keywords they look for like, products, plans, live chat, contact information, quote forms and easily find your contact and location information so that you get the maximum leads in your CRM. Call to action widgets are placed at the appropriate positions for spontaneous actions.

Webner is trusted by renowned companies across the globe for our responsiveness, diligence, and technical expertise. Contact us today for the development of your Insurance agency website by writing to us at our development email id