Office 365 Outlook Calendar Integration with Web and Desktop apps

We create web-based and desktop applications for reading, managing and processing the Outlook Calendars and Events even without requiring the outlook installed on the server. If you want to customize your websites and desktop applications for outlook, we provide useful ways to handle the Outlook Emails, Calendars, Events and other features of outlook. With Office 365 Outlook Integration you can unlock tools to sync and customize communication. This means you’ll be able to track all the communication within your application – from comments to emails, giving you a full record of events for reference without going over to Outlook.

More about Office 365 Outlook Calendar Integration

The Office 365 Calendar API provides full access to a user’s calendar groups, calendars, and events, with linked metadata. Developers can execute the API to programmatically check for events and schedule new ones. Add meetings, appointments, conferences, and other events at your calendar in Outlook Web App and track and share with others. You can organize multiple calendars, link to other people’s calendars and even share your calendar with different people in your organization. We provide you access to events, calendar, and calendar group data secured by Azure Active Directory on Office 365. There are some features of Office 365 which are available with Calendar Integration:

  • Pull the Outlook features into your application.

  • Get Events from your Outlook Calendar.

  • You can create events from your application and that will be synchronized with your Outlook Calendar.

  • While creating you can add attendees to the event and all the attendees will get an invitation for the event. This all can be done from your application.

  • We can have reminders for these events, these reminders can be snoozed or dismissed.

  • Customize the event title.

  • Add custom descriptions to the event.

What else we can do for you regarding Office 365:

  • Webner helps your company to move to the cloud through its Office 365 Development Services by rendering greater flexibility, consistency, and cost savings.

  • Webner provides speedy Office 365 Migration & Upgrade services to help you update your current systems. You can simply switch from old systems to new systems.

  • Our Office 365 Developers and Consultants help you in implementing customized development services for various industries worldwide.

  • We offer Office 365 Implementation & Integration services that allow you to Incorporate Office 365 aligned to your enterprise and help you to integrate new systems with the existing IT ecosystem.

  • For proactive maintenance, we provide the best Office 365 Maintenance Services to timely monitor your business environment.

  • Webner offers Office 365 consultancy services to help clients address complex issues that can’t be resolved by in-house specialists, as well as align Office 365 with a particular business environment and organizational needs

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