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Our Salesforce developers can assist you with Salesforce QuickBooks integration for both the QuickBooks Desktop edition as well as QuickBooks Online edition. Salesforce is a powerful CRM that has most of the necessary objects required to store financial and eCommerce data like Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, Products, PriceBooks, Orders, Order Products, etc. QuickBooks is a highly acclaimed Financial Accounting System. Salesforce Quickbooks integration and real-time data sync keep both Sales and Accounting teams happy. Salesforce QuickBooks integration is implemented as an automated process to run on the occurrence of an event or as a scheduled job so that a process runs at a specific interval to sync the data created or modified since the last time the sync process executed. Depending upon your requirement we can implement the process in the same way.

More about Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

In the event-based Salesforce to QuickBooks integration process, the data sync occurs in real-time. The process to integrate data gets invoked on the occurrence of an event (like new customer addition, new order placement, product information change in Salesforce or in QuickBooks). The other method is to schedule a cron job on the server or to create a scheduler in Salesforce that starts a batch process to sync data in the background with QuickBooks. You may choose to sync customers, products, orders, quotes (estimates), opportunities, invoices, notes, and attachments between Salesforce and QuickBooks.

QB Desktop Integration is done with the help of QuickBooks Web Connector or QODBC driver to interact with QuickBooks to access or store data in QuickBooks. Both the methods have pros and cons so we will suggest a better way according to your needs. For QB online QuickBooks REST api is used. On the other side, Salesforce SOAP/REST api can be used to access and store data in Salesforce CRM. For data sync from Salesforce to QuickBooks Salesforce triggers, batch apex code, scheduler features will be used and server-side web services will be created. Intermediate web services (that will act as middle-ware between Salesforce and QuickBooks) can be developed in any programming language of your preference (like NodeJS, PHP, Java or .NET code).

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