Insurance AMS Partner and Customer Portals over Salesforce and Web

Using Salesforce Experience we can help you build multi-tenant insurance agency Customer and Partner Portals so that agencies (over Partner Portal) and Insurance Beneficiaries (through Customer Portal) could login and access their data, as well as submit support requests/cases. There are multiple scenarios for which Salesforce Experience can help Insurance AMS systems as well as agencies:

  • For AMS systems a Partner Portal will allow agency admins/producers to login and see their data, like their clients, policies, commission figures, and business reports, and also submit new support requests to the AMS owner
  • For individual agencies, a Customer Portal will allow customers of an agency to login and access their own Policy data, submit Endorsement requests, make new Policy requests, download the certificate of insurance, print ID cards, make payments, view policy transactions for example
  • In addition, a new marketing site can be built for agencies or AMS vendors to keep your new and current customers engaged with your company

When the customer list grows (or if you want to grow the customer list), it is very important to have an online portal for your partners and customers so they could do a lot of things with self-help.

More about Customer Portal and Salesforce Communities

As the business grows, you want to give online access to your partners and customer so that they could view their data, communicate with you, and even transact online. For example, customers would like to see their policies, view the premium calendar, pay premium online, download payment receipts, create new cases for change requests like address changes or other such requests, track their case progress, etc. On the other side, agency staff will need to see cases and respond to them.

Behind the scenes, inside Salesforce CRM, a case should be created and the Producer linked to the customer should get the case assigned automatically. Also, Partner Accounts, Contacts, Roles, and appropriate permissions should be there for visibility of corresponding data based on staff designation and custom branding.

If you are an insurance agency vendor you will need a saas multi-tenant partner and customer portals in the Salesforce Experience cloud so that any agency using your AMS could have their own portal for their clients. They will like custom branding, their own administrator and users, and their own feature set.

If you do not use Salesforce, still the concept is the same and we can develop Partner and Customer Portals for you over any web framework of your choice in C# .NET, Python, PHP, NodeJS for example.

What your insurance customer portal can have (and you can add more)

  • List of insurance products and details

  • Information about your company

  • Login accounts for your some/all customers (you can control that)

  • Customers can view their policies, request for renewal, view invoices, pay premium online (under Agency billing), download policy documents (PDFs, Excel, Doc), view charges paid, view policy history, request quotes for new insurance

  • Customers can request a change of address, contact details, correction of information in a policy, request to edit coverages, file claims, etc

  • Tool to suggest right insurance product based on customer data

  • Custom email templates for auto-mailing customer-specific information

  • Online document submission and insurance form filling

  • Automated Birthday/Anniversary Messaging

  • Customer Survey generation and distribution by your staff

  • VoIP Phone Integration to call customers from within portal by your staff

  • SMS/Text Messaging from within the portal

  • Newsletter subscriptions

  • Social media integration to share your agency’s information and new products launched by carriers

  • Customer Activity Tracking for you to understand patterns of site usage and advanced analytics for management

  • Integration of customer portal with your Salesforce CRM, Insurance agency management system, and Accounting systems

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