Get your own Salesforce Insurance Agency Management System

If you would like to get your own ready-to-use P&C Insurance AMS package in Salesforce FSC or CRM with the ability to customize it according to your needs, contact us today for pricing. Webner is the prime company for Salesforce Insurance Agency Management Systems for the US P&C insurance industry. We have been at the helm of Salesforce insurance agency management systems development from the start of this revolution (with TechCanary) and have contributed to the successful development of several Salesforce Insurance agency management systems for agencies and software companies (including Veruna). More and more insurance agencies are now using Salesforce to manage their business. Policy management, IVANS downloads (policy transactions, DB commission downloads, eDocs, claim downloads), Producer commissions calculations, ACORD & Carrier forms, Insurance Accounting, Policy merge, Carrier management, Documents management, and Insurance Analytics – get all of these in Salesforce.

Make huge savings!

Our Salesforce AMS pricing plans save you a significant amount of money. Salesforce CRM is the world’s most popular cloud-based customer relationship management system. Salesforce FSC contains the insurance data model out of the box. The same data model can also be created inside Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is very flexible in terms of customization and comes with powerful development technologies (like Triggers, Workflows, ProcessBuilder, Batch Jobs, Schedulers, Apex, VisualForce / Lightning components, SOQL, REST/SOAP Web Services, Customer Community, etc). In addition, data gets stored over the cloud and remains accessible anywhere with an internet connection. So with the AMS package installed in your Salesforce org, further customizations are possible easily. We help with these and our pricing is much more affordable comparatively.

Write to us today at our development email id to get your Salesforce agency management system within a few days.

Get all of these and more….

  • Assessment of your needs and suggesting the best approach to follow

  • Policy Administration, Tasks, Reminders, Renewals

  • Auto populate ACORD Forms and Carrier forms

  • IVANS Policy downloads

  • IVANS Commission downloads

  • Insurance Accounting, Quickbooks or AccountingSeed integration

  • TurboRater Integration

  • Email notifications with dynamic templates and data

  • Roles and Permissions management (access control)

  • Data Migration from other AMS systems

  • Salesforce Data Deduplication – Cleanup and rearrangement of existing data to store and relate it correctly (removal of duplicates, optimizing objects and fields, adding validation constraints)

  • Bulk Data import/export (Apex data loader, Bulk API)

  • Web to Lead forms on your website to store Leads in Salesforce

  • Web to Case for your customer, and Customer Community Portal

  • Integration of Salesforce with other systems like your website, accounting system or any other external system you are using (SOAP/REST, oAuth 2.0 integration)

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