Salesforce Deduplication

Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM system over the cloud. Companies are using the system to store a large amount of data sourced from various channels. Custom objects specific to the business or Salesforce standard objects like Leads, Opportunities, contacts, accounts, products, orders, etc receive plenty of data every day. It is hard to keep the objects and data in perfect shape. Data may become inconsistent or duplicate over time which needs Salesforce deduplication, some fields may have incorrect data types due to legacy reasons which create problems in implementing the expected behavior or running SOQL queries or there could be inflexible object structure that needs to be reorganized to achieve flexibility. To plan the changes you need experts who have worked extensively not only with Salesforce CRM but also with database design, object-oriented programming and excel preferably. This is where we come into the picture. Our Salesforce developers can help you to plan the optimization and achieve Salesforce Deduplication. All of this without affecting your live system with minimum or no downtime.

More about Salesforce Deduplication

Most of the Salesforce Optimization and Salesforce Deduplication projects we work with, data duplication occurs due to reasons like same record received by Salesforce with minor difference in text (like in Address “Street Number” is written as “St No” in another copy of the same record), no validation rules in place on fields or combination of fields in Salesforce (like no uniqueness or mandatory rules), inflexible custom object structure (like instead of creating separate objects where needed some org admins create additional fields inside another object) etc. The result is a lot of data that takes plenty of storage space but the majority of that is just duplicate or bad data which makes it difficult to work with. Irrespective of how large your data is, we can deduplicate it and merge similar records based on rules specified by you. Not only we will clean and merge the data, but we will also put in place the data validation rules, refactor object structure, move data to corresponding new objects and create workflow rules for automatic task assignments, reminders, and auto-closing the open records as needed. This will keep your org and data in good health for the future as well.

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Our Salesforce Developers have expertise in Salesforce deduplication, Salesforce customization , working with large data and writing code that uses minimum API and SOQL queries to perform the operations without affecting your ongoing work.
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