Salesforce Implementaton and Customization

If you are new to Salesforce, we can help you with Salesforce Implementation from scratch, initial configuration, user profiles & roles management, and data import from another CRM/AMS or another source to get your team up & running. We can also provide training to your team regarding using the Salesforce features. We customize Salesforce to make it work effectively according to your business needs. Salesforce Customer Relationship Management is an excellent platform with an enormous set of features out of the box. At the same time, it needs tweaking at different levels to make it easier for your team to use it and also to make it more effective for your business. By default, users may find Salesforce a platform with a long learning curve, less intuitive, visibility of too many non-applicable fields/screens, and incorrect availability of features according to roles and permissions for example. The good thing is Salesforce is highly customizable through its user interface as well as with the help of technical capabilities it provides. Our Salesforce consultants and Salesforce developers have extensive experience in understanding your business needs and customizing Salesforce accordingly to make it an easy-to-use and more productive platform for your business.

Salesforce Client Relationship Management Customization Services

Salesforce customization means different things for different companies. Theoretically, it includes everything that can be created or modified within the Salesforce user interface without writing code (or significant code). For example – Layouts can be cleaned up, formula fields can make calculations easier, automatic email notifications or new task creation through triggers or workflow rules can improve productivity, roles and permissions can be configured correctly for enhanced security, and process builder can be used to implement a complex sequence of steps for business logic, batch jobs can be created for time-consuming processes, schedulers can run jobs at a predefined interval, custom objects can be created to store business-specific data, rich HTML email templates can be defined (like by using conga composer) and enhanced integration with applications like Amazon AWS S3 & DocuSign (through PowerForms) can be implemented. These are just a part of what is possible within Salesforce customization. We can assist you with all of this and any other needs you may have within Salesforce.

What all our Salesforce Developers can help you with for Salesforce Customization

We are known for our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce and for using its tools & features the way they should be used. Our Salesforce developers can help you with all of the following and more:
  • Flat or Hierarchical custom object design according to the domain

  • Custom Fields, Custom Objects, Lookup fields, Junction Objects, Picklists

  • Formula Fields and Data Validation Rules

  • Custom Page Layouts, Record Types, VisualForce page layouts for advanced needs

  • Triggers, Workflows rules, Process Builder, Approvals

  • Execute long-running tasks with Batch apex

  • Data Import/Export (with Wizards, Data Loader, or Bulk API)

  • Custom Reports and Dashboards

  • Web to Lead form embedded in your website

  • Web to Case form embedded in your website

  • Customer Community Portal Creation

  • Users, Roles, Profiles and Security configuration according to business needs

  • Automatic Task creation and assignments

  • SOAP/REST Integration with Amazon AWS S3 and other services
  • Salesforce DocuSign integration (PowerForms)

  • Salesforce custom app development

  • Salesforce Windows Azure integration
  • Documents and Attachments automation

  • Sandbox development, test coverage, and deployment into your production org

Learn more about our Salesforce Customization Experience

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