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Do you need an app developed in Salesforce Classic or Lightning? We are here to help. Salesforce is the most used CRM platform in the world with an extensive set of features. What is so great about Salesforce is its customization features and the programming technologies it provides. Developers can create new apps using these technologies to extend Salesforce capabilities. We have been developing Salesforce apps since 2012 in Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management App Development Services

Whether you need Salesforce App for your own team or to launch a commercial app on the Salesforce App Exchange, with our support you will smoothly achieve your goal. We have developed apps for various verticals including but not limited to Insurance, FinTech, Marketing, Advertising, Manufacturing, Document Management, ERP, Accounting, and Education. Our Salesforce developers have extensive knowledge of Custom Objects, Layouts, Formula fields, Roles & Permissions, Flows, Workflows, Process Builders, Triggers, Apex, LWC, Aura components, VisualForce, Batch Jobs, Schedulers, Dynamic HTML email templates (like by using conga composer or DocuSign), API integration (outbound & inbound) and more.  Also, our experience with serverless architecture in Azure and AWS is rich in collaboration with Salesforce for highly scalable app development within the Salesforce governor limits.

What all our Salesforce Developers can help you with:

We are known for our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce and for using its tools & features the way they should be used. Our Salesforce developers can help you with all of the following and more:
  • Flat or Hierarchical custom object design according to the domain

  • Custom Fields, Custom Objects, Lookup fields, Junction Objects, Picklists

  • Formula Fields and Data Validation Rules

  • Custom Page Layouts, Record Types, VisualForce page layouts for advanced needs

  • Users, Roles, Profiles and Security configuration according to business needs

  • Web to Lead/Case form embedded in your website

  • Flows, Workflows, Process Builder, Triggers, Approvals

  • Execute long-running tasks with Batch apex, Queues & Schedulers

  • Data Import/Export (with Wizards, Data Loader, or Bulk API)

  • Apex, VisualForce, Aura Components and LWC development

  • SOAP/REST Integration (into Salesforce from outside or from Salesforce to another app outside)

  • Salesforce DocuSign integration (PowerForms)

  • Salesforce Azure integration (Function Apps, Azure Storage, Message Queues)

  • Salesforce AWS Integration (S3, Lambda Functions, SQS, SNS)

  • Sandbox development, test coverage, and deployment into your production org

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Webner is trusted by renowned companies across the globe for its responsiveness, diligence, and technical expertise. Contact us today for any Salesforce project by writing to us at our development email id or by filling out the contact us form.

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