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We witness an extensive shift to the cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure) from the legacy infrastructure for both hardware as well as applications. The reason is an extensive set of services cloud infrastructure makes available out of the box that reduces maintenance efforts and costs enormously. Over the cloud one can instantiate new virtual machines, write source code, compile, deploy through DevOps, access a database over the cloud, configure auto-scaling, use CDN for serving content faster, create firewall and security rules, add logging and monitoring services to name a few. Migrating legacy infrastructure and applications to the cloud infrastructure can be a multi-layered process that involves adapting not only the servers but also the databases & source code of the application. This requires a proven team of experts in cloud application software development, deployment, and administration.  This is when our services are there to assist you. Our experts have extensive experience in AWS and Azure web services to migrate your applications and infrastructure over the cloud and also maintain them.

This is a list of major tasks in legacy to cloud migration where we can assist you:

  • Plan the required number of Virtual Machines, and their configuration, (or serverless app configuration), and Launch VMs over the cloud (AWS, Azure).

  • Review your applications (source code) and databases, and plan as well as make the changes required to deploy them over the cloud. We have Salesforce, C# .NET, PHP, Python, Java, NodeJS, and front-end developers with rich experience.

  • Configure source code control (Git, Github, BitBucket, GitLab, Microsoft Teams), branches, development, staging & production server instances, test cases, and test suites, and configure DevOps for auto deployment.

  • Scalable architecture implementation with asynchronous technologies using Message Queues and storage services ((SNS, SQS, Messaging Services on Azure, S3, Azure Storage).

  • Database migration to AWS RDS or Azure Databases for auto-scaling and pricing according to the storage space & volume of operations. Aso bringing over your data from the legacy database to the cloud database.

  • Serverless infrastructure & application implementation using AWS Lambda functions, Azure Functions, Containers through Kubernetes/Fargate, and Azure Containers.

  • Migrating your storage to the cloud to S3 or Azure Storage along with legacy files document migration, and also updating the source code of applications to point to these cloud storage services.

  • Other services like,

    • Configuring application Security, Logging, Analytics, Monitoring, Load Balancing, and CDN for faster loading
    • Monitoring, Setup Metrics (CPU, Network, Disk-I/O), Custom Metrics (Disk Space, RAM Utilization), Set Alarms on the basis of configured metrics
    • Identity and Access Management, User management, Policy Implication, MFA implementation, Access keys for roles
    • Autostart, auto snapshot, mount the new volume, increase partition space, Security groups management (Firewall rules set)
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