Conga Composer Document Generation in Salesforce

We can help you with your Conga Composer projects in Salesforce. Conga Composer is one of the most popular document generation solutions available in Salesforce. One can create a document template in Conga Composer (in HTML or Word format for example) and fill data in it from Standard or Salesforce objects hence facilitating the automatic generation of as many documents as required with user-specific information. Documents can be downloaded as PDFs or emailed as attachments. Templates can include sophisticated design, rich text, and images with data from Salesforce. The entire process can be automated by creating workflows to generate the documents on any event, and further, it can be used to log activities, create follow-up tasks, and update fields. The Composer API offers total flexibility. Using Conga Conductor document generation process can be scheduled to be run at specific times.

More about Conga Composer

Using Conga Composer any sort of document template can be created including but not limited to:

  • Quotes

  • Proposals

  • Contracts

  • Invoices

  • Receipts

  • Work orders

  • Reports & charts

Conga Composer is compatible with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Portals, Platform, Salesforce1 & Lightning. With Conga Query Builder we can create simple and complex queries to fetch Salesforce data to be populated into the template. We can also write custom SOQL queries to fetch data of complex relationships and fill in the template.

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