Insurance AMS Development over AWS or Azure Infrastructure

If you need insurance software developers who are in the thick and thin of Insurance Agency Management systems you are on the right page. We have contributed to the development of some of the most popular Insurance agency management systems in the USA (both cloud based and Salesforce based). Insurance industry is going through a digital transformation right now. There is an effort by a lot of insurtech companies to make it easy to exchange information between customer, agency and insurance carrier. Companies like IVANS and EBix act as a bridge between Agencies and Carriers to download policy transactions for example. ACORD is gradually improving its offerings by creating services like eLabels Mapping or to accept ACORD XML to generate the latest ACORD forms. On top of these services, insurance agency management systems are being developed or enhanced to manage the entire business of agency within it (including customers, policies, acord forms, producers, commissions, rater integration, proposals, financial accounting and analytics to name a few). Webner Insurance developers are working with leading insurance agency management system development companies and also directly with agencies who want to develop their inhouse agency management system.

Insurance Software Feature List Once Again

Insurance agencies need features including but not limited to ACORD forms (auto populate and read back), Policy downloads (IVANS, TEAM-UP), Proposal Management System, Insurance Accounting, Direct Billing Commission Reconcile, Policy Reconcile, Producer Commission Splits, Security (make available different features according to user role), Rater integration to name a few.

Our Insurance Software Developers can help you with all of the following and more:

  • IVANS / TEAMUP Policy downloads
  • Auto populate ACORD Forms and Career Applications
  • Commission Management (split calculation), Commission Downloads and Reconcile
  • Policy Reconcile
  • Insurance Accounting
  • Rater Integration
  • Proposal Management System with precreated templates, sections and libraries
  • Attach documents to corresponding policies/clients inside the system
  • TAM, Sage, SIS data migration
  • Create templates for different emails and auto populate them with data (mail merge)
  • Roles and Permissions management (access control)
  • Automate task assignment, reminders, reports generation, emails
  • Bulk Data import/export (CSV/Excel)
  • Integration with other systems like your website, accounting system or any other external system you are using (SOAP/REST, oAuth 2.0 integration)
  • Cleanup and rearrangement of your existing data to store and relate it correctly (removal of duplicates, data merge etc)
  • Google Maps integration to show property location, contact location, Endorsement management

Technologies for Insurance Agency Management System Development

Our Insurance software developers have the knowledge of insurance domain and technical expertise of web development, cloud infrastructure, API integration, database, CRM and other related platforms. So we offer dual advantage of not only being technically sound but also possess the insurance domain knowledge so that you will not feel like talking to a non-insurance developer. Technically we develop agency management systems and insurance software in leading web technologies like C sharp .NET MVC Framework over Azure, PHP Frameworks (Core, Laravel, CakePHP, Codeigniter) and Java (Spring, Struts, Stripes). We have the expertise to develop and deploy the insurance software over cloud platforms like AWS infrastructure (EC2, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, RDS), Azure platform (VMs, Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables, Queues, Files), Azure Visual Studio, Azure CDN, SQL Server), Heroku and Salesforce.

Learn more about our Insurance Software Development Experience

Webner is trusted by renowned companies across the globe for our responsiveness, diligence and technical expertise. Contact us today for the development of your Insurance agency management system by writing to us at our development email id or by filling the contact us form.
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