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Our development team is well experienced in software terms and processes.

Are your products AI-powered?

Webner is helping companies across the world upgrade their solutions or build new solutions over Artificial Intelligence API frameworks like ChatGPT, Google Bard / Gemini, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR, Azure Form Recognizer, LangChain, and text-to-SQL. We help construct LLM‑powered apps, Chatbots, OCR+AI apps for intelligent data extraction, AI analytics over complex data relationships, Text-to-Video, and custom model creation to train the AI solutions. Contact us today to give AI power to your solutions. Contact us today to give AI power to your solutions.

Salesforce | FSC | AWS | AZURE

Empower your Salesforce CRM to accomplish more. We can help you with Salesforce Implementation from scratch, automate business processes around Leads, Opportunities, Products/Services, Orders, Invoicing, E-Payments, Customer Support/Cases, and everything else. Whether you use Salesforce, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, AWS, Azure, or other Web Technologies, we are here to help. Read more…

Interactive visualizations with PowerBI

PowerBI is a powerful business intelligence platform that visually shows your data to help you get summarized information on various aspects of your business like leads, opportunities, sales, profits, star products/services/people, concerning products/services/people, and future predictions. These stats help you see what is working for you and what needs attention. We have thorough experience with PowerBI tabular and visual dashboard creation, data lake planning, creation, data assembling from various sources, data cleaning, normalization, and using this data to create the business intelligence KPIs you need. Contact us today for your Business Intelligence project.

Digitize Your Insurance Business

Webner offers solutions and services for Insurance Agencies, Brokers, and Carriers. If you need guidance and implementation assistance for Salesforce or Web-based AMS, AL3, Claim & eDocs creation, distribution & downloads, Insurance Analytics, Acord forms integration, data extraction (OCR), migration to the cloud, back-office, hosting, and technical support services, we are here to help. Read more…

Upgrade your legacy app to cloud infrastructure

We help companies upgrade legacy apps to AWS, Azure, or other cloud environments to take advantage of the services available over the cloud. Cloud services offer a large number of auto-scalable plug-and-play solutions to speed up development and reduce maintenance costs. AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, cloud database services, mass emailing solutions, and cloud storage like S3 and Azure Blog Storage are famous examples of such services. Contact us today to migrate your application to cloud infrastructure. Contact us today to migrate your application to cloud infrastructure.

SaaS Application Development over AWS, Azure

For 12+ years, Webner has been at the forefront of developing SaaS applications for several verticals including InsurTech, FinTech, eLearning, eCommerce, Education, Marketing, and more. We have expertise in architecting scalable API-enabled systems with a modernized UI/UX. Our team has extensive experience in development over C# .NET, PHP Frameworks, Salesforce, Python, NodeJS, React, NueJS, Jquery over SQL and No-SQL databases. Read more…

Creating user-friendly mobile applications

We develop cross-platform mobile apps in the React Native framework. React Native framework from Facebook allows us to write the code once and then export it for deployment on Android and iOS (as well as Windows mobiles and tabs). Obviously this saves development cost and time. Our approach to developing React Native apps is to understand your requirements, design mock user interface / wireframes to depict the flow and visual layout, write the code to design and develop the app, test the app thoroughly across Android, iOS devices (mobiles, tabs) for functionality, responsiveness and performance, assist in distributing the app for beta testing through TestFlight (for iOS devices) and APK (for Android) and then assist you to launch the app on Apple and Android app stores. Post launch you get 60 days of free support to take care of questions or issues that arise when your customers use the app. Read more…

More About Us

Vast experience in Major Technologies

We bring vast technical experience with us in CRM (Salesforce Classic, Lightning, Zoho CRM), C# .NET, Java, PHP (Core, Laravel, CakePHP), Python, Javascript, React, Angular, Databases (Oracle, Mysql, Postgres, SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB), Linux, Windows, Mac and development over cloud or non-cloud infrastructure, to develop in any technology of your choice.

Clear Communication, Story writing and UI/UX Design

With Webner team, you would love the clear communication from our team members starting from user story writing/understanding, UX design, UI layouts & application flow, technical documentation, and documentation supporting the depth of testing. Our team members are confident, well qualified and able to communicate fluently.

Development over
Cloud Platforms

We have extensive administration, development and deployment experience in various cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud and Laravel Vapor. We can take care of virtual environment creation over Linux/Windows, security, load balancing, cloud storage (S3, Google/Azure storage), RDS, Monitoring and more.

We follow Agile Methodology Best Practices

Our team follows Agile practices for iterative and incremental development, daily interaction, regular updates through calls, JIRA or any other project management tool, Sprint driven development, Continous Integration, GIT, Devops, Unit Testing and Test Automation.

Thorough Security Practices and Test Automation

Application security is a key concern that all of team members understand and they follow the OWASP Top 10 and other recommended security practices while writing code. Our Test Engineers test each component of the system from UI, Functionality, Security and Performance perspectives to ensure you get a robust system.

P&C Insurance Experts
(Development and Consulting)

Our team is known for its P&C insurance domain knowledge along with our technical skillset. We have tremendous experience with ACORD standards (eforms, AL3, ACORD XML), all the major lines of business (Personal and Commercial), Rater integration, IVANS downloads and more. Check our InsurTech products as well.

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