SaaS Apps

We build multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) apps hosted over your premises or cloud platforms like AWS or Azure. SaaS applications are typically subscription-based and allow businesses and individuals to use the software without the burden of maintenance. SaaS apps can grow as needed and are cost-effective for everyone.

Key points we take care of during SaaS application development:

  • We ensure a modernized and intuitive user interface for excellent user experience

  • We ensure Multi-tenancy is flexibly implemented to take care of all the personalization needs.

  • We utilize encryption, implement multi-factor authentication, and other security aspects for 100% secure application.

  • We always begin with a pilot phase involving a smaller group of users before full deployment.

  • We implement a robust backup and disaster recovery plan to safeguard critical data.

  • We regularly assess the performance and effectiveness of the SaaS application with growing traffic.

Common Frameworks in use for SaaS application development

  1. Backend Frameworks: Django, C# .NET, PHP, NodeJS, Java, Salesforce
  2. Frontend Frameworks: React.js Angular, Vue.js
  3. Database Connectivity: MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres

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