Insurance AMS Development in Salesforce

Some of the most popular Salesforce Insurance Agency Management System apps available in Salesforce AppExchange are developed by Webner Salesforce developers. More and more insurance agencies are now using Salesforce to manage their business. Leads, accounts, opportunities, contacts, policies, producers, commission, ACORD forms, accounting, documents and analytics - everything is being managed in Salesforce now. We have been at the helm of Salesforce insurance agency management system development in recent years and have contributed to successful development and launch of Salesforce Insurance agency management apps over AppExchange for our clients. Our Salesforce developers have expertise in Salesforce as well as Insurance domain so you get the dual benefit.

More on Salesforce Insurance Agency Management System

Salesforce CRM is the world's most popular cloud based customer relationship management system. It is very flexible in terms of customization and also comes with powerful development components and technologies (like Triggers, Workflows, ProcessBuilder, Batch Jobs, Schedulers, Apex, VisualForce, SOQL, REST/SOAP Web Services, Customer Community etc). In addition, data gets stored over the cloud and remains accessible anywhere with internet connection. Since insurance industry is in need of technical simplification, which means instead of using several different applications like Excel, desktop based insurance management app, quoting tool, accounting app, separate rating app, file storage, manual data transfer etc, a single platform is a much better alternative, that also over the cloud so no installations are needed. Therefore full fledged insurance agency management systems are being developed in Salesforce with all the features like ACORD forms (auto populate and read back), Policy downloads (IVANS, TEAM-UP), Proposal Management System, Insurance Accounting, Commission Management (split calculation), Commission Downloads & Reconcile, Policy Reconcile, Security (make available different features according to user role) and Rater integration. For document storage AWS S3 or a similar cloud based solution is a less expensive option. Apart from that software like Conga composer and PowerForms make it easy to send dynamic emails and documents (for esigning). Salesforce makes it possible to call web services from external systems (like IVANS, ACORD). Considering these factors, Salesforce Insurance Agency Management Systems are gaining enormous popularity. Talk to our development team today at to get your own Salesforce agency management system developed or enhanced. You can opt to develop selected features instead of comprehensive AMS, it depends on your need. If you are an agency, you can get the features built according to the needs of your staff.

Salesforce Insurance Agency Management System Feature List

Our team consists of Salesforce developers who are well equipped with domain knowledge of Insurance industry and web technologies over cloud infrastructure like AWS, Windows Azure and Heroku). We can help you with all of the following and more:

  • IVANS and TEAM-UP Policy downloads
  • Auto populate ACORD Forms and Career Applications
  • Commission Management (split calculation), Commission Downloads and Reconcile
  • Policy Reconcile
  • Insurance Accounting
  • TAM, Sage, SIS data migration
  • Rater Integration
  • Proposal Management System with precreated templates, sections and libraries
  • Roles and Permissions management (access control)
  • Salesforce Data Deduplication - Cleanup and rearrangement of existing data to store and relate it correctly (removal of duplicates, optimizing objects and fields, adding validation constraints)
  • Bulk Data import/export (Apex data loader, Bulk API)
  • Automate task assignment, reminders, reports generation, emails
  • Create templates for different emails and auto populate them with data (mail merge)
  • Different Salesforce layouts based on different record types
  • Web to Lead forms on your website to store Leads in Salesforce
  • Web to Case
  • Customer Community
  • Integration of Salesforce with other systems like your website, accounting system or any other external system you are using (SOAP/REST, oAuth 2.0 integration)

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Webner is trusted by renowned companies across the globe for our responsiveness, diligence and technical expertise. Contact us today for the development of your Salesforce Insurance agency management system by writing to us at our development email id or by filling the contact us form.
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