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We assist clients to build ASP.NET Desktop applications. ASP.NET offers different frameworks for building desktop applications like WPF, Windows Forms and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). All these frameworks provide the benefits and features of ASP.NET. We develop applications mostly using WPF and Windows Forms. Both frameworks i.e. WPF and Windows Forms are GUI based frameworks. Without GUI, you have to manually draw the UI controls but these frameworks provide the drag and drop facilities for creating the UI for your applications so that developers can focus on creating the application logic. GUI based frameworks do the basic work for the developers. These are user friendly frameworks. WPF framework is new as compared to Windows Forms but Microsoft is still managing and supporting the Windows Forms framework. There are few differences between two frameworks such as WPF is built from scratch due to which it provides more flexibility but Winforms are old and based on windows control. You can choose from both the framework depending on your requirement although WPF is newer and flexible as compared to Windows Forms.

We are a team of .NET developers that has diverse set of development skills including UI/UX skills, third party integration (SOAP/REST), database design, database coding (functions, triggers, stored procedures) and web services development. Our team follows best practices for development, testing and non-functional requirements like transactions, security and performance. Our other qualities are clear and effective communication, agile work environment, driving projects forward independently and our ability to test and document end-to-end process.

What all our .NET Developers can assist you with for ASP.NET Desktop Application Development

We can assist you with all of the following:
  • Developing user friendly desktop applications in C# over IIS Server or cloud
  • Using .Net validation controls for validating user data
  • Interactive user interface using XAML and windows controls
  • Supports Server side events and controls
  • Less complex application development and Rich graphic support
  • Database design (normalisation, Indexes, stored procedures, functions, triggers etc.)
  • Performance analysing and tuning using SQL profiler or any other similar software
  • Creating secure SOAP/REST based APIs for your desktop applications
  • Faster data access using Entity framework and LINQ
  • Drag and Drop interface for creating UI based applications
  • Strong documentation skills; experience in writing technical design documents
  • Support for Debugging and Error handling

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