IVANS Downloads (AL3) for Policies, DB Commission and Claim files

If you want to automate downloading of AL3 data into your Agency Management System or CRM we can assist you. We have products/REST-API to download AL3 files from IVANS and to convert the files to JSON or XML. This works for Policy AL3 files, Direct Bill Commission AL3 files, and Claim files. We have business analysts to map AL3 data into your AMS/CRM and programmers to implement the mapping for automatic downloads and storage of data into your database or CRM. Webner Team has developed agency management systems from scratch (web-based as well as Salesforce applications). IVANS Downloads is a core module of insurance agency management systems and is extremely important to download authentic policy, direct bill commission and claims transaction data from insurance carriers into the AMS to keep your AMS data up to date. IVANS has integration with 600+ carriers and EBix Team-UP from 60+. Data is downloaded in ACORD AL3 format. AL3 is a proprietary format (hard to read) and we have our own product as well as REST API to convert AL3 to JSON, and then this JSON is mapped into your Agency management system. Our insurance software developers have extensive experience in integrating with the IVANS through their API and also in P&C insurance data mapping.

More on AL3 files

AL3 files from IVANS or EBix TEAMUP can be converted into JSON format by using our AL3 to JSON server product or REST API. Once AL3 file is converted into JSON, the JSON is mapped to your AMS or CRM system. This process is then scheduled to make it run automatically without any manual intervention. AL3 files can contain Policy transactions (daily downloads from carriers) or Direct Bill Commission information (monthly download). Although Claim files are also supposed to be AL3 they actually contain ACORD XML data, not AL3. AL3 file can have data from multiple policies. AL3 file for the Policy transactions contains all of this information:

  • Insured Details
  • Policy Summary
  • Covered Items with locations
  • Coverages
  • Additional Interests
  • Remarks and Attachments
  • Forms
  • Carrier Questions
  • Claim History and Violations
  • Prior Policy Information
  • Other Policy Information
For Direct Bill Commission files it contains:
  • Commission Summary
  • Commission Details for each policy

List of what all is included in IVANS Downloads Feature

IVANS Downloads implementation automates downloading policy, direct bill commission and claims notification files from IVANS and update this data in your agency management system. All of the following is included in the development of this feature:

  • Configuring daily IVANS or Teamup AL3 downloads without manual intervention
  • Conversion from AL3 to JSON with our product or REST API for Policy Transaction AL3 files, DBC AL3 files and Claim notification files
  • Mapping converted JSON to agency management system or CRM
  • Keeping track of unmatched records for manual reconciliation
  • Scheduling the entire process to continue to download daily files from IVANS
  • Creating optimized process to manage large set of downloads for multiple IVANS mailboxes

Learn more about our Insurance Policy Downloads Experience

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