Salesforce Quickbooks Integration

Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

With Salesforce CRM

We can assist you to integrate QuickBooks Desktop edition with Salesforce. Integrate QuickBooks customers, products, invoices, sales order, purchase orders, quotes, notes and attachments with corresponding Salesforce objects. Salesforce to QuickBooks data sync will work in the same way if you will need that part as well. Sync can be a manual process that you invoke whenever you need it or the process can be automated and scheduled so that it runs without any manual intervention. Integration is done with the help of QuickBooks Web Connector to interact with QuickBooks to access or store data in QuickBooks. On the other side, for Salesforce SOAP/REST api can be used to access and store data in Salesforce CRM.
For data sync from Salesforce to QuickBooks Salesforce triggers, batch apex code, scheduler features will be used and server side web services will be created. We create the intermediate web services in PHP, java or .NET code that will act as middleware between Salesforce and QuickBooks.

We assist global clients with Salesforce development, Web development and QuickBooks integration.

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