ACORD Standards Consultation and Data Mapping


If your work relates to P&C insurance in the United States, you must have come across the common problem of unclear insurance terms and the requirement to map elements from one ACORD standard to another, or even to map elements between your own system’s elements and the corresponding elements in ACORD standards.  The challenge here is, only those who are knowledgeable about the insurance terminology for different lines of business and are also aware of where those terms can be located in AL3 files, ACORD XML, or ACORD Forms (A-labels), can do the proper mapping.

At Webner, we have a wonderful team of insurance data specialists who can work with your team and assist you in understanding the P&C insurance terms, definitions, their meanings, and implications. Our data specialists will also assist with mapping insurance data from one format to another for any line of business. We can help you identify required elements in the AL3 file’s output, find the matching ACORD Form eLabel or textbox/checkbox, help in figuring out the ACORD XML block you need, and for any other use case.

This list shows the different types of consultancy and data mapping services we can help you with:

  1. Insured information, Employment details, Contact Info
  2. Policy Information, Carrier information, Product Code, Payment Frequency & Method
  3. What is covered (covered items) like Auto (Boat), Driver, Equipment, Accessories, etc
  4. Location Information related to covered items
  5. Coverages, limits, deductibles, options, and the amounts associated
  6. What are the additional interests, their types, related amounts
  7. Other Policy Information, Prior Policy Information (Policy History)
  8. Claim History and Violations
  9. Carrier questions, General Information (QA)
  10. Forms, Remarks, and Attachments

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