Autofill ACORD Forms with Policy Data in your AMS or CRM

We have a ready product to help auto-populate ACORD forms with policy data from your AMS, show the form in the browser in the editable format with data prefilled, save changes back into your AMS/CRM, email the form to customer or agent for eSignature and attach PDF copy to the Policy or Account record. This product works with any ACORD form and even custom agency and carrier forms. You can generate Certificates of Insurance using it and also create ID cards. Auto filling ACORD forms is probably one of the most important needs of the agents looking at the number of forms and the length of the forms. Since data to be filled in the forms is already captured in agency management systems, therefore, it is double work to fill the same in the forms manually. Programmatically data can be filled in the forms. Also when data updates are made in the forms, the same data needs to be submitted back into the Agency management system. We work with many insurance software development companies to assist them in the implementation of ACORD eForms and other agency management features like Policy downloads, commission downloads, insurance accounting to name a few.

More on ACORD eForms

Earlier ACORD forms were static, they were fixed in fields, were non-interactive and filling data in them was done in a hard way. It was not possible to display the PDF forms in browser for user to type right in there and submit the forms. One needed to use libraries like pdftk to put data into such form fields. Mapping of agency management system fields to internal names of the pdf fields was necessary to locate the field and fill data in there. With ACORD eForms static nature of the forms has been changed to dynamic. ACORD eForms can be embedded in the browser now, fields have standard eLabels associated which makes it easier to map them to the Agency management system fields, field behavior can be extended like data in dropdowns can be filled-in, on the selection of a value some interactive action can be taken (like on selection of a producer name his/her digital signatures can appear in the form), on Save form data can be submitted back to a custom URL to save the changes back into your agency management system. One can save the form, copy the form for the same or another customer, export the form as a read-only static PDF (populated with data), delete the filled forms, digitally sign the forms (for both customers and producers) and accomplish more with ACORD eForms. End-users of eForms (like customers and agents) may obtain them from us, through agency management systems, or from forms providers or carriers. Insurance software developers who develop systems that need to incorporate eForms may obtain them through ACORD’s eForms redistribution program. Write to us today at our development email id to implement ACORD forms in your agency management system.

List of what all is included in ACORD eForms Module

  • Search ACORD eForm based on form number or a subscring of form title to populate it for a customer
  • On selection of a form for a customer open it in browser window - it is pre-filled with data of that customer and associated policy
  • Save digital signature images of Customer and Producer and digitally sign the forms
  • Make changes in the form and Save to send data back into agency management system
  • Make a copy of the ACORD form for same customer or another
  • Export filled and digitally signed form as read-only PDF or email from within the agency management system

Learn more about our ACORD eForms and AMS Development Experience

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