Zoho Subscriptions Integration

For business houses, recurring billing is a very common need these days. Zoho subscriptions make it easy to generate recurring invoices and receive payments automatically. In Zoho Subscriptions, one can add products (services can be defined as products as well), attach plans to products and define subscriptions on top of plans. Monthly or annual subscriptions with various other options can be created. Subscriptions are associated with contacts and cards are also associated with the contacts. Zoho Subscriptions provides integration API through which it can be integrated with Zoho CRM, Creator, and other applications.
We can assist you with all type of Zoho Subscription projects. This is a list of some features which can be met with Zoho Subscriptions:

  • Recurring billing automation, charging cards, adjusting customer's prorated amounts, automatic alerts of card failure.
  • Apply discount coupons, ​group invoices of multiple subscriptions, issue refunds, handle upgrades, downgrades and even one time transactions.
  • With ​Subscriptions metrics (in easy to understand charts) get insight into how your business is doing.
  • Zoho Subscriptions comes pre-integrated with Zoho’s online accounting software, Zoho Books.
  • Accept Credit Cards (2Checkout, Authorize.net, Forte, PayPal PayflowPro, PayPal PaymentPro, Stripe, WorldPay), ACH Payments and Paypal payments
  • Integrate Zoho Subscriptions with any application with web hooks and APIs
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