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Although Zoho CRM is very powerful, especially with all the customization possibilities in it with Custom functions and workflow rules, there are still several advanced cases where CRM itself does not solve the problem. For example if business needs are not met with standard Zoho CRM Quote layout, you may need your own custom Quote generator. Another example is when you want to call an external system’s API to receive data, then go through that data and filter out selective information to store in Zoho CRM.
For anything for which you want more complex functionality, and want to host the code over Zoho itself instead of keeping it in PHP on a hosted server, Zoho Creator is an excellent solution. Zoho Creator can act as a bridge between Zoho CRM, Reports, other Zoho applications and external systems.
We can assist you with all types of Zoho Creator projects. This is a list of some features which can be met with Zoho Creator apps:
  • Integrate Zoho CRM with other Cloud based apps like Zoho Reports, Subscriptions, Books, Salesforce, Moodle, Totara, Payment Gateways and more (virtually any system with an API)
  • Create custom web forms and embed on your websites, blog posts, newsletters, and even on your Facebook page
  • Configure SMS notifications with the default Creator system, or with other SMS providers like Twilio, Clickatell, Screen Magic, ClockWorkSMS, and Hoiio
  • Schedule processes to send out reports, event invites, and reminders
  • Securely share information with collaborators (only what they need to see)
  • Use advanced reporting tools like pivot charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards, sort and filter your data
  • Use advanced features on your phone like bar-code scanning, configure push notifications for yourself and your team to receive updates, use geo-fencing
  • Process credit and debit card payments through PayPal and accept payments online

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