Webner Engagement Models and Pricing

We provide excellent software development services at reasonable price. Primarily there are 3 models of engagement depending on the size and nature of the project.

Dedicated Resource Model – Some projects are medium to large in size and are evolving in nature. They generally need more than 1 or 2 dedicated development or quality team members. Work duration is also long term or ongoing as the project evolves according to the business needs. Apart from the functional needs, there are several non-functional factors to be taken care of in such projects like scalability, performance, security, architecture, and infrastructure. To keep the cost low for such medium to large projects we offer pricing models between the US $14 to $17 per man-hour. Factors like the size and complexity of the project are considered to decide the exact price.

Flat Cost Model – Projects that have very well defined scope and are also small in size can be estimated at flat price. Like integration between two systems, designing a new Moodle theme, setting up a Shopify store, one time data deduplication, a corporate website creation are some examples of the projects that can be classified in this category. Generally, such projects are within the time range of a few days to a few weeks, not more than that. Such projects are estimated between US $25 to US $30 per man-hour depending on the size of the project. Estimate includes design, coding, testing, deployment, domain name mapping, launch and 40 days of bug free support after delivery. The scope of the project is agreed to in advance. Changes are incorporated at an extra price. According to the needs and estimate are given to the client, we assign a required number of resources to the project.

Software Maintenance / Prepaid Model – Initially we had launched this model as a support and maintenance model for our customers so that on completion of a project they could maintain the projects at a reasonable cost. But we also call it prepaid model since you can pre-purchase a fixed quota of development hours and then use the same for new development, changes in existing software, QA, documentation, discussions, bug fixing, research or any other project work. This model is also useful if you have a fixed budget to spend per month on a project. Each task is logged into a support site and you get an email of hours it took to complete it along with hours left from the prepaid hours purchased by you. Click here to explore more about this model.

In all the above models we work in the same way. This means we are very transparent and we work to the best of our abilities on each project irrespective of the model. Daily updates, regular meetings, incremental deployment so that you keep monitoring the progress being made, continuous integration, agile development are some of the key practices of our work culture. Write to us today at our development email id dev@webners.com to contact us. Click here to read our Customer Testimonials.

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