UI/UX Development With Angular

Being a critical component of web applications, Angular helps in creating an attractive UI/UX. In order to build client-facing applications, Angular is considered as the most potent tool. At Webner, we provide UI/UX Development using Angular. We have experienced professionals who develop UI/UX using Angular. Our UI/UX development team consists of designers and developers who are skilled in creating attractive and useful UI/UX web applications by integrating the latest features into the applications. We have years of experience in building heavy and complex applications in a simple and efficient manner. Our belief is to implement the best application development practices to deliver quality and performance to the clients.

Benefits of using Angular for development of UI/UX

  • Simple architecture for heavy applications having a number of components and complex requirements.
  • Improved server performance as it supports caching and reduces the burden from the server’s CPU.
  • It supports both end-to-end as well as unit testing which helps to create a seamless experience for the users.
  • Along with MVC architecture, it also handles dependency which allows parallel development.
  • Provides complete independence to developers for the creation of dynamic web pages as its directories provide them a free hand over the HTML and its attributes.
  • The two-way data binding controls the synchronization between the DOM and the model.
  • Using DOM as the input, rather than strings, is the biggest differentiation Angular has from its sibling frameworks.
  • Easy functionality organization of application using modules which may contain components, directives, pipes, or services.

How our Angular Developers can help you in UI/UX development?

Our Angular developers can assist you with the following and more:

  • Create UI for apps having complexities with a simple architecture
  • Develop Progressive web apps with functionalities like working offline, push notifications and device hardware access
  • Create applications with optimum performance using the caching process
  • Use two-way binding through the model for a dynamic view
  • Provide fast development using multiple libraries at a single time for parallel development.
  • Create dynamic web pages using independence of using HTML and its attributes
  • Use modules to develop applications having an easy organization of functionality.

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