Technical Support Plans

Irrespective of the nature of your business, if you use Software for operating it you need technical support at reasonable price. Hiring a full time resource can be one option but the problem that occurs is diversity of tasks. You may need someone to help you with your database backup and restore, data parsing and import, excel formula writing, porting your website to another server, eliminating the malware troubling your system, installing a printer driver, configuring VPN connection, debugging coding problems, testing your website for responsiveness, you may need suggestions about technologies suitable for a software you want to build or just the opinion of an expert about how you should go for the automation of a business process. Single full-time resource may not be able to do all of these tasks at different times. To such business owners we offer flexible support plans at right pricing so that you get all of these covered by a single company that has rich experience in Web, Mobile, CRM and Desktop software technologies.

Our support plans are categorized into Regular and Premium. Following table gives detail of how many support hours you get in which plan and what is covered.

Support Plans
Feature Regular Premium
Technical Guidance yes yes
AWS Infrastructure Administration yes yes
Windows Administration yes yes
Linux Administration yes yes
Database Administration yes yes
Web server security yes yes
Server Monitoring Configuration yes yes
Manual Software Testing yes yes
Data Import/Export yes yes
Research on Internet on given topics yes yes
Technical Writing / Documentation yes yes
Graphic Design no yes
CRM Administration (Zoho / Salesforce) no yes
Software Test Automation (Selenium/QTP/Badboy scripting) no yes
Bug Fixes (in code developed by us for you)
Note: For externally developed software maintenance or for new software you need a development plan not a support plan
no yes (50% of left hours, max 60 hours in 3 months)
Minimum Contract Duration 3 months 3 months
Max Support Hours (in 3 month contract) 60 120
Max Support Hours (in annual contract) 240 480
Price Every 3 Months (paid in advance) US $1199 US $1599
Price Per Year (paid in advance) US $3999 (You save $797) US $5299 (You save $1097)

If you have any questions or need a customized support plan contact us at . If you utilize all the hours before end of contract you can renew the contract in advance to get new quota of hours.

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