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Shopify is a web based platform that helps create e-commerce websites in short time. It enables individuals and business houses to create online stores to sell their products. Most of the e-commerce websites require same core features like products catalogue, product search, shopping cart, order placement, online payment and order tracking. Shopify provides all these features out of the box. Your Shopify based website can be created and hosted over and URL of your choice can be assigned to access it. Its user interface can be customized according to your choice. You can pick from a host of payment gateways for accepting credit card payments. Apart from credit card, other options like check payment or multiple currency support are also available.
Advanced Shopify features include Shopify Webhooks to provide event based actions or to integrate websites with external systems. For example, if you want that whenever on your Shopify store order is placed, the order information should also get updated in your CRM system like Salesforce, with Shopify Webhooks this is possible. Similarly if you want the customer information to be stored as an Account or Lead in Salesforce or database that can be done with Shopify Webhooks. Shopify Webhooks can be attached to any type of event some of which are 'On addition of a product to the Cart', 'On Order Placement', 'On Order Fulfilment', 'On Customer Registration' and 'On Change in Products Catalogue'. There are many more events on which Shopify Webhooks can be invoked. The code corresponding to URL that gets invoked on the Shopify Webhook call can be hosted on any of your servers and can contain code in PHP, Java or any other programming language.

Shopify provides an admin interface to manage your site. It is a feature rich content management system that supports managing customer information, products, discounts, orders, collections (of products), gift cards, payments, taxes, notifications, SEO features, mobile access, and additional Apps to enhance the experience.

We have helped several clients get their online stores configured on Shopify, import their product information, customize look and feel, embed Shopify within another website, integrate Shopify with Salesforce, Mysql, Zoho CRM and other external systems.

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