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Webner has long time experience as an SEO Company

Webner Solutions is one of the more technical SEO companies that provide SEO (Search engine optimization) services with verifiable results. We have been addressing SEO concerns since 2010. Everyone wants to be on the first page of the Google but everyone can’t be there. To deserve that position your business, brand and website have to earn that. Google uses around 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring higher rank on search engines. Not long ago there were over 540 quality improvements to their search algorithm alone for ranking process. Our in-depth knowledge in this regard helps us achieve concrete results. Our team of SEO experts have convincing track record of improving the organic ranking of websites with onpage and offpage optimization techniques.

A bit about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the very important components of Digital Marketing. SEO includes techniques and strategies for improving the search engine rankings and increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website. Research shows that websites that appears on the first page of Google receive approximately 95% of clicks. Studies further show that results that appear higher on front page receive an increased click through rate (CTR), and obviously more traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process includes finding the right keywords according to your business, creating keyword based content in correct ration, obtaining inbound links from other websites (backlinks), on-page optimization (improving HTML code), directory submissions and social bookmarkings as some important methods. We help you through these methods to improve your search appearance.

How do Search Engines Work?

Search engines like Google and Bing prepare their search results largely based upon the relevance and authority of the pages that were crawled by their software (based on which they create their web index for lookup). Crawling is how Google finds out that a certain webpage exists among the billions of other pages. Google Bot does that by considering various details including but not limited to: Backlinking, Submission of a URL to Google, etc. After successfully crawling a website, Google analyzes what that particular webpage is all about and stores the information in Google Index. This process is called Indexing. The search quality rater guidelines of Google provide plenty of detail and examples about how to class as high or low-quality content and websites. After Indexing a webpage, Google ranks the same on various accounts, user-experience being the top-most. This process of Ranking helps users find relevant content by typing the appropriate keywords. There are approximately 200 signals that Google uses in ranking its search results. SEO incorporates technical and creative activities to influence and improve some of these signals. Google has a large team of search quality raters that evaluate the quality of search results. Google also uses a hyperlink based algorithm called ‘PageRank’ which measure the popularity and authority of a web-page. SEO, therefore, makes sure that a webpage is technically sound, accessible, use keywords that people are looking for and provides an interactive user experience with useful and high-quality content that helps users. That webpage then would appear higher in search results when users search on the related keywords.

SEO also includes steps that help improve the number and quality of ‘inbound links’ to a website from other websites. This historically well known activity is “Link Building”. Linking to the relevant and reputable website is a strong signal to Google that it might be of interest to its users and can be trusted to appear higher in the search results of relevant queries. We help you with all of this.

SEO activities that we perform

1. Website Audit

Website audit is a complete analysis of all the factors related to the website's visibility in search engines. Site audit gives us a clear picture of website’s strengths and weaknesses, issues that are preventing the site to have higher traffic and ideas about how to improve the website presence. Data about broken links, duplicate titles, duplicate meta descriptions, HTML code validations, error pages, indexed pages and site performance are gathered in this step of complete website audit. This is the first step in search engine optimization process. Our team of Digital Marketing experts with in-depth knowledge of SEO tools and techniques will perform detailed audit of your website before starting the Search Engine Optimization process. A comprehensive and in-depth website audit report will be shared with you with all the issues that will explain ‘where we stand’ as far as your website is concerned and action plan with the corrective measures needed to improve searchability of your website will also be listed.

2. Keyword Research

Keywords dictate how your potential customers will find your business in the search engines. Keyword research involves effort to find out the keywords and phrases being used by your potential clients to search services or products similar to those offered by you. Keyword research is done by using some sophisticated and commercial tools to find out the keywords / phrases related to your line of business, competition of each keyword (Medium, High, Low), frequency of its use (how many people use the keywords in a month), will it make sense to target that keyword / phrase in the content or not etc. Outcome of this research is a list of keywords / phrases that can be targeted in your content which can yield the result you are seeking. Keyword research outcome along with consideration of results from competitor analysis are examined to decide the best keywords. Once keywords are decided they need to be used in the content strategically.

3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is an important tool to ascertain where your competitors are stronger or weaker as far as their appearance in search results is concerned. We conduct detailed analysis of competitor websites and their search appearance to understand if they are higher or lower than yours for certain keywords and the reason of the same. This helps us to spot new opportunities for your business. Main competitors are those websites which are targeting the same set of keywords that you intend to target. Evaluating the competitor's strategies like identifying primary target keywords, current google rankings for those keywords for the competitor and average search hits they are getting from google helps to identify competitors strengths and weaknesses and thereby a roadmap for optimization. Therefore by knowing what strategy these competitive sites are adopting we can strategize better to improve your search appearance. We will take care of competitor research for you.

4. Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of making sure that the content is written in such a way that it could reach the largest possible target audience. On the basis of keyword research and competitor analysis we determine the best keywords/phrases for your website content. Then we focus our efforts on creating and optimizing your web page content by using these keywords with keyword density recommended by the search engines. Keyword Density for a keyword is the percentage value of a keyword to the total number of words on the web-page. Having relevant keywords in your web-page content is very important, as it helps search engines work out what your content is about but the keywords must appear appropriate number of times. Ideal keyword density for your Keyword should be 1% to 3%. We need to avoid stuffing page with keywords just to increase keyword density. We should keep a good keyword density percentage which looks natural and not stuffed. Webner team of Content Writers will ensure that the keywords that we are choosing for content optimization are relevant to your website, products and services. In addition we will ensure that your content looks spontaneous and interesting to read with recommended keyword desntiy. Right layout and mix of images along with sufficient content will make your website content optimized. This not only helps from SEO perspective but will also keep visitors engaged to your website. There are couple of other points also in conten t optimization:

  • Internal linking is also a part of content optimization. Internal link means a navigation link from one webpage to another webpage within same website network. Internal linking strategy improves SEO for the website and simultaneously it creates more user friendly website for visitors.
  • URL Optimization, which means making URLs SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly by keeping them simple and by using keywords in them.

5. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to all the measures that improve the structural elements of a webpage to increase its visibility to the search engines. On-Page optimization is one of the most important components of SEO process. Search engines look into specific HTML tags and attributes to find out the pages that match the searched keywords. Examples of on-page optimization include using keywords within H tags (H1, H2 and H3 for example), use of keywords in meta description, in browser title tag, alt attribute of images and keyword placement with proper keyword density in the content. Apart from that on-page optimization also refers to the improvements in HTML source code of a webpage like ensuring tags are opening and closing properly, page loads faster, page is responsive etc. Internal and external linking are also a part of the onpage optimization.

On- page optimization is the technical step in search engine optimization because there are recommendations from Google, Bing and other search engines about how to use HTML tags and attributes to improve searchability. Our Website developers and Digital marketing experts work together to ensure your HTML code is highly optimized.

Image SEO means getting your product images, service images and general decorative images to rank higher on Google and other image search engines. Image SEO contributes to the SEO of the webpage also (like image ALT attribute is looked into by search engines when assembling results of a search query). Image optimization requires reducing the file size of images as much as possible without compromising with the image quality so that page load times remain low. Images also need to be named descriptively and in plain language. Image's alt attribute needs to be optimized so as to contain the keywords related to the product or service that image is designed for. ALT attribute is also beneficial in other ways because if image cannot be rendered then browser shows the ALT attribute value. Also even when image is rendered, on hover you will see the ALT text as a tooltip. So they improve the web accessibility. Choosing the right file type is also important because JPG, GIF and PNG each have their own purpose. Images can also be named in the sitemaps so that they are made known to the search enginer directly. Further image load time is optimized especially when they are loaded from content delivery networks (CDNs). We focus on image SEO as a critical segment of overall website SEO process.

7. Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage from other websites. Backlinks are another important factor for improving ranking of your web page because they work as affirmation to the quality of your content and search engines consider this a positive factor. If a high ranking website links to your content that acts as a very positive thing for your webpage and based on think ranking of your webpage will go up as well for the search engine. If many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines accept that content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth ranking higher in the search results. So, acquiring these backlinks can have a very positive effect on a site's ranking for search engine visibility. Social Bookmarking is another process to share useful links of your website on social bookmarking site like Digg and Social bookmarking basically allows the user to bookmark webpages publicly and attach keywords in the forms of hashtags with them so that users interested in similar keywords could search and view your webpage links in the results. Being listed on a social bookmarking site can drive quality traffic (in fact viral traffic for quality pages). Search engines also list results from bookmarking sites. So if your site is bookmarked, this is an extra opportunity to show up in search results of Google and other search engines. Those who like your page can bookmark your page on other bookmarking sites also. We at Webner create a Link Building strategy for your company that improves your presence on the internet and improves your SEO. We identify the best sites from where backlinks will add weightage to your website and then create the links by following different strategies.

8. Directory Listing (Useful in Local SEO as well)

Directory listing means listing your website in some reputed Business Directories online and get a precious backlink from them. A lot of people search local business or even remote business sometimes in business directories like Clasione, All Business Now, Yellow Pages etc. There are many other online directories as well although it is better to list the business in reputed business directories only that do not result in SPAM links back to your website. Some of the popular business directories are:

  1. Clasione
  2. All Business Now
  3. Yellow
  4. Better Business Bureau
  5. Vlib
  6. 411.COM
  7. Seek On
  8. Pick N Buy
  9. Joe Ant
  10. Map Quest
  11. City
  12. Health Fitness Nutrition
  13. MedlinePlus
  14. Starting Point
  16. Search Pure
  17. Jasmine Directory
  18. Directory Journal
  19. Alive Directory
  20. AddMe

Submission to a business directory is done under the most appropriate business category so that your business is searchable to the target audience. Directory submission improves local SEO, which means if your business serves customers in your locality then there’s high chance that by listing your business in some highly used business directories in your locality you are going to be discovered by a lot more local customers. We take care of directory submission process for your business and submit your business information to some of the most popular and reputed business directories online. We check the authenticity of the website before submitting your info.

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