Salesforce Integration

We assist in Salesforce Integration with other systems. It is an important business requirement these days to keep data residing in different systems in sync with each other. This saves time as you can view the required information on a single system. Web To Lead and Web to Case are 2 simple examples of Web to Salesforce integration to receive leads and cases inside Salesforce from your website. On more advanced level Salesforce provides APIs to integrate it with other systems (any system that provides API access like QuickBooks, Azure storage, AWS S3, Woocommerce, Shopify etc can be integrated with Salesforce).

Salesforce Integration on Technical Level

Salesforce CRM can receive and push data to other systems with the help of tools like APIs, Salesforce Triggers and Batch jobs. Some companies want to use Salesforce as an administration system. Like if you want that anytime a new product in Salesforce is added it should be pushed to Woocommerce or Shopify as a new product a trigger or workflow rule can be attached to the Salesforce Product object that can invoke a PHP, Java or .NET service to sync this product’s information into Woocommerce / Shopify. Updates in product records can also be synced into the other system in the same way. On the other hand Woocommerce / Shopify or any other system can sync data back into Salesforce by using Salesforce APIs. Salesforce SOAP/REST web services can be used to send data into Salesforce on events that occur within other systems (like Shopify webhooks can be invoked on certain events to send order data into Salesforce). Salesforce Bulk API is faster and consumes less API calls in case a large amount of data is to be pushed into Salesforce. Other ways to run Sync process is to schedule the process to run after a certain interval or on the occurrence of an event. APIs we have used for integration projects are these:

  • Chatter REST API
  • Bulk API
  • Metadata API
  • Streaming API
  • Apex REST API
  • Apex SOAP API

What all our Salesforce Developers can help you with for Salesforce Integration projects

Below is a list of some integration projects from our portfolio. Any web-based system that has an API (SOAP or REST) can be integrated with Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Amazon S3 integration (upload files to S3 while link them directly in Salesforce objects)
  • Salesforce QuickBooks integration to sync accounts, products, sales orders and invoices
  • Salesforce Woocommerce integration to sync products, prices, orders and invoices
  • Salesforce Shopify integration to sync products, prices, orders and invoices
  • Salesforce Lead Cloud integration to receive, parse and store Leads in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Moodle integration to sync users, cohorts, courses, enrollments, activities and grades
  • Salesforce Totara integration to sync users, courses, programs, audiences, enrollments, activities and grades
  • Salesforce Blackboard Learn integration to sync users, courses, enrollments, activities and grades
  • Salesforce Bridge and Canvas integration to sync users, courses, enrollments, activities and grades
  • Salesforce DocuSign integration for dynamic document generation and e-signing
  • Salesforce Office 365 integration (Outlook, storage, sheets, docs)
  • Salesforce Google apps integration (Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Docs)

Learn more about our Salesforce Integration Experience

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