Salesforce Financial Cloud AMS Configuration and Enhancements

For several agencies, it makes sense to manage their agency using the Salesforce Financial Cloud instead of a commercial Insurance AMS available for Salesforce. Salesforce Financial cloud Insurance data model has all the important objects to store insurance information like Insurance Policy, Insurance Policy Participant, Customer Property, Insurance Policy Asset, Insurance Policy Coverage, Producer, Notes and Attachments, and Claim objects. So all the major data for Auto, Home, Flood, Mobile Home, and Commercial lines can be stored. So the basic framework is there for the Policy data storage and administration. To enhance the features so as to make your org perfect for your organization and its office branches, we can help.

Why Webner? 

Webner has remained the preferred partner for USA P&C insurance software companies to develop insurance AMS systems over Salesforce for the last 8 years. Companies building AMS systems in Salesforce outsource them to us because of our extensive experience in both Salesforce and with P&C insurance data and processes. We have also worked extensively in SFDC Fin. Services cloud to assist several agencies directly to customize it so as to make it better equipped for their agency. We have experience in all the major features like Workflow rules, ACORD forms (easy integration with our product, AL3 downloads (through our REST API for AL3 parsing and IVANS downloads –, Claim downloads, Messages, and eDocs downloads, Email templates, Insurance Accounting (integration with Quickbooks, Accounting Seed or development from scratch), Rater integration, CRM functions (like lead management, marketing automation, quotes, and proposal management through our product, and Customer Portal to name a few. We also have a REST API to extract data from flattened ACORD forms and images.

Technically, we have extensive experience in all the major Salesforce technologies and features including Apex, Lighting, Aura, Triggers, Flows, Batch jobs, Scheduler,  API integration, Service cloud, Sales cloud, AWS, Azure, and all the major programming languages.

Contact us today to get help

If you are looking for help to assist you and your team in working with Fin. Services cloud, configuring it according to your agency’s requirements, enhancing the functionality with additional features, bringing your old AMS data into your org, configuring user roles & permissions, and changing the UI layouts according to your needs, contact us today by sending us an email at our development email id or by filling our contact us form.