Salesforce Custom Training According to Your Needs

A lot of problems may arise while using Salesforce. Issues may occur in Object Design, Triggers, Workflows, Process Builder, Batch Jobs, Custom Layouts, Record Types etc and you may need customized help. Sometimes these issues may consume time and resources which are quite valuable for your organization. But there is no need to worry, as we can provide customized training for any type of issue with Salesforce features and development. Our expert developers know the outside as well as inside of the Salesforce platform. We can help your team by providing video tutorials or steps with screenshots. We can provide this training for any kind of problem with all the possible details which are required to solve the problem.

What can we do?

We have a team of developers who are proficient in Salesforce development and can provide help through a short and specific video tutorial or through text tutorial accompanied by relative screenshots. A few examples of problems that may occur along with the solutions that we can provide :

  • A user is not able to use Conga Composer plugin in Salesforce.
    Solution – We can help the user to understand how to use Conga composer plugin.

  • A user is having a problem in creating a specific rule in the workflow.
    Solution – We can help the user to know how to approach for that particular rule.

  • A user is not able to set a trigger before or after an event.
    Solution – We can show the user the right way to set the trigger.

  • A user wants automation of complex chained business process.
    Solution – We can tell the user how to achieve this using process builder of Salesforce.

  • A user needs to set certain criteria for approving a record.
    Solution – We can train the user about the approval process in detail.

  • A user wants to create large jobs that may exceed normal processing limits.
    Solution – We can help with using Batch Jobs which can solve the problem.

  • A user has a requirement of an object other than the already provided objects.
    Solution – We can assist the user with the concept of custom objects.

  • A user is finding it difficult to add, remove or reorder actions, buttons, fields and sections on a record’s detail page.
    Solution – We can help by educating the user about the methods to use custom layouts.

  • A user is not able to create different types of business processes, picklist values, and page layouts for different users.
    Solution – We can help the user with the setup of record types.

These are just a few examples of the kind of problems that may occur while working on Salesforce. Different users may have other specific issues in different situations. A well-guided training session can resolve these issues in no time.

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