Regular LinkedIn marketing effort to help you get more leads


LinkedIn is the most popular marketing platform for global companies. It is the largest professional network site and its Sales Navigator search makes it a powerful platform for lead generation. The problem is most of the business owners do not have time to put daily effort to find and connect with leads. We solve this problem by taking care of it on your behalf. In this way, you can stay assured while other pressing issues take your time, marketing of your business goes on uninterrupted in parallel. We search for people who need services or products being offered by you, connect with them on your behalf, send personalized messages to them to make them aware of your products & services, follow up with them and connect the leads to you directly so that you could take it further with them. Apart from this (if you prefer) we can also create and maintain your company page on LinkedIn, post updates about your business regularly, share links to your website pages that explain your services, join relevant LinkedIn groups to come in touch with larger target audience and create LinkedIn blog posts to describe your products & services. Our digital marketing team consists of Lead Generators, SEO experts and content writers.

How do we work on LinkedIn Lead Generation?

LinkedIn premium profile with Sales Navigator offers premium filters to search accurate leads (screenshot below).


Filters like Keywords, Geography, Industry, Seniority level, Title, Company headcount etc are key to reduce the search results down to the precise list. Values for these fields can be provided by you or we can suggest the same after understanding your business nature and model. We send connection requests to a reasonable number of people every day (like in the range of 50-80 - and on different days different number or type of messages can be sent). Connection message itself contains a brief note about your business products & services. In addition, we check the people who have accepted connection requests and send a more detailed message to them (like 20-40 messages daily depending on how many connections are still to be reached). Inmails are also used to send messages to high potential clients. Apart from that past messages are re-checked and follow up messages are sent because sometimes one can overlook the message the first time we send it. Message templates will be crisp and specific to describe your business. Once a lead shows interest we connect the lead to you professionally to schedule a meeting. You can monitor the activity that goes on since you will have access to the LinkedIn profile. Majority of this process can also be automated (like sending connection requests and messages) it is preferable to keep it manual since then LinkedIn does not block or interrupt the profile as everything is done just like any business owner will do it. We provide this service at a reasonable fixed monthly fee to keep it light on your pocket.

List of Activities Summarized for LinkedIn Marketing

To summarize this is the list of what all we can do for you for Lead Generation on LinkedIn:

  • Coming up with the search criteria for the target audience
  • Searching target audience and sending regular connection requests with your business specific note
  • Sending personalized messages to connections to make them aware of your products & services
  • Send Inmails to connect with High Potential clients
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups to reach people of interest and writing to them
  • Following up with connections who replied or did not reply Scheduling your meetings with leads
  • LinkedIn Company page creation and maintenance, posting regular updates
  • Sharing your website page links, video links describing your products, blog post links etc on LinkedIn
  • Writing LinkedIn blog posts to describe and promote your products & services
  • Search Engine Optimization of your websites
  • Email Marketing

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