Prospecting and Email Campaigning

Our Prospectors find new prospects for your business daily and email them about your products and services. PPC is very expensive and cannot be the only method to rely on. You need manual effort to search the right prospects and need to send them information about your products or services. You need to contact decision makers on regular basis to grow your business. But it can be difficult to spend time on this activity everyday. Other pressing matters in the business could take all of your time. To solve this problem we offer Prospecting and Email Campaigning Services to take care of this for you at nominal price. We find your target customers, gather their email ids and send emails to them on your behalf using email templates created by you.

How does Prospecting and Email Campaigning work

Our prospectors use specialized apps to search the prospects on LinkedIn, find their email ids along with detailed company & contact information and to send personalized emails at the time of your preference. You know which industries you want to target, geography of your choice, what are the keywords that will find the right prospects, their job title, company size and other similar characteristics. We use the same information to find the prospects that you would find. Similarly email templates are decided by you and our tools do the rest of the magic to make them personalized and send at the time and timezone you prefer. Not only this, you get the reply from prospects directly in your mailbox so you can carry forward the discussion with them. Everyday more and more prospects are contacted so you continue to grow your business.

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