Proposal Management System for Insurance Industry

Proposal Management

If you need an insurance proposal management system that will let you create impressive proposals with ease and will also allow sending proposals to the customer, e-signatures online and keep track of the proposal stage, our product will help you. Our product allows you to create proposal templates in MS word and keep variables in the templates for elements like coverages, limits, prices, etc so as to fill them on the fly depending on the lead and opportunity.

Apart from our product we also build bespoke Proposal Management System based on your requirements

Proposal Management System Features

MS-word is a very powerful design editor with which most of the insurance industry people are familiar and comfortable. MS word can also hold images and text. So MS word is a good fit to create nice-looking documents for Commercial Insurance and Personal Insurance proposals. Our Proposal Management System allows you to keep placeholders (variables) in MS word in a specific simple syntax for dynamic elements like Vehicle details, Property details, Coverages, Limits, Deductibles, Carrier Name, Line of Business, or any other similar elements. This MS word document can then be saved as a Template in our system and can be reused as many times as needed with different policies (dynamic data). The prepared proposal can then be sent online to the end-user for e-signatures and acceptance. You can then track recipient activity in real-time (proposal opening, view count, etc). In addition, there are features like user management, permissions management, contacts management, email notifications with attachments, secure link sharing to access the proposal without login (by clients), and the complete set of features with the API so that other companies could integrate with the proposal management system. Write to us today at our development email id for more information.

List of Proposal Management System Features

  • Create and reuse MS Word Templates and arrange them with labels/tags

  • Edit cover page, logo, and other images

  • Manage standard messages like Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, etc

  • Share proposal online with clients and staff

  • e-signatures, acceptance/decline

  • Create and maintain multiple templates for each type of insurance

  • Send proposal as a PDF attachment or share via a private weblink

  • Track recipient activities (like who opened the proposal, how many times it was viewed, and how much time was spent on which page)

  • Full integration with the API

Learn more about our Proposal Management System Development Experience

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