Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is a form of Internet Marketing wherein the businesses or service providers pay search engines in exchange for the sponsored ads which are visible prior to the organic traffic. They basically buy visits to their respective websites in order to get more business. Advertisements are an integral part of PPC where products are published.

For Example, a candy selling company wants to reach the relative audience. It would advertise their business on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. They would bid on certain keywords that the general public usually enters on a search engine such as “where to buy candies”, “places to buy the candy” and so on. After that, if the user enters either of the keywords, the respective websites that Google finds most relevant and has bid the right amount on those keywords will be seen on the top of the Google results with a label ‘Sponsored Ads’.

But creating the right kind of Ads (text, graphics, right keywords) is as much an art as science. Assessing advertisement performance periodically and making changes in the Ad content is another very important part of running PPC campaigns. We help you with all of this by strategizing your Ads, targeting best keywords, targeting correct regions, audience type, choosing Ad platform according to your business, tracking Ad performance and making changes in the Ads as required.

Advantages of PPC campaigns

  • Reach the right audience

    When Starting a PPC campaign we choose where and when your ads should appear, based on number of factors like location, website, device, time slot etc. So reaching the right targeted audience is the main motive to start the PPC campaign.

  • Fast Results

    Every business need the results within a short span of time. Therefore PPC is perhaps the one of the fastest way to run campaign and get instant results. If you already having a good website then just create an adwords account, choose your budget, select your ads and run them and start getting traffic.

  • Budget Friendly

    In PPC there are no budget restrictions for your ad campaign, we can choose how much we have to pay for a click and how much budget we have to spend for a campaign. We can manage our spending on basis of results or profits we are getting and analyse them accordingly.

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