Moodle, Totara Webservice Development

Moodle and Totara both support several Web services out of the box for integration with external applications. Like if you are developing a mobile app and you need to interact with Moodle or Totara you need to use Web services to retrieve and update information. Web services provide a secure way to interact since each request is accompanied by authentication parameters.
There will be cases when already built web services in Moodle and Totara do not fulfill the purpose of your application. In this case, you will need custom web services to be developed. We can assist you in the development of custom Web services that will return the required data in the format you want (HTML, JSON, XML TEXT, any other). Custom web services commonly are access based on one of the 4 protocols - SOAP, REST, XML-RPC or WSDL. Mostly SOAP or REST are common. We can suggest a protocol based on the exact requirements of the project.

Creating Moodle and Totara Web services requires a thorough understanding of existing web services and functions (so as to reuse the already built code where possible), table structure (to create new queries where required) and mechanism to follow to create an acceptable and secure web service. You need an experienced team for the development of Moodle and Totara Web services. We are working as a sub-contractor with several leading Moodle and Totara resellers so you can trust us for our experience.

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