Moodle, Totara Theme Design

We develop custom themes for Moodle and Totara based on your requirements. A lot of themes we develop for our clients focus on simplifying the user interface so as to make it easy for learners to access what is most relevant to them. Hiding default navigation menus and replacing them with nice looking hierarchical menus, making breadcrumbs more readable, redesigning the dashboard to present course categories, featured program and courses, presenting completion progress on dashboard, giving a new look and functionality to Program page, Course pages, Assessment, Quiz Question pages and so on.
Theme design is not only the design part but due to shuffling of elements PHP code also comes into picture along with Jquery, Bootstrap and CSS. We build custom responsive themes with precise content arrangement for Laptop, Desktop, Mobile and Tab users so that everyone will love to use your Moodle / Totara site irrespective of what device they have in their hands.
Theme Development requires a thorough knowledge of how Moodle and Totara work, folder structure, version knowledge, knowledge of Theme Designer, Layout files (page header, page content, page footer), customizing CSS without breaking responsiveness, configuring theme options, configuring theme language, using images, adding a favicon and much more.

We have vast experience in creating fabulous Moodle and Totara themes for any version. Contact us today to get your responsive theme developed at fixed cost.
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