Moodle, Totara Plugin Development

If you are using Moodle or Totara Learning Management System, from time to time you will need to add custom functionality to these systems. For example you may need to show a custom block to the user which will always display on what date user logged into the system last time and stayed for how long on the system. As another example you may want to add support for a special type of Activity in your LMS which should be accessible to users with certain permissions or grades only. There can be authentication requirements to allow an external system to connect into Moodle or Totara securily.
In all such cases you need custom plugins to be developed and installed in Moodle/Totara. Advantage is core Moodle/Totara code remains unchanged so future upgrades do not give any problem. Plugins can be easily reinstalled in upgraded Moodle and Totara versions.

Just like theme development, creating a new plugin requires thorough knowledge of Moodle and Totara. There are standards to be followed to develop plugins which are secure and do not break core functionality of these systems. You need an experienced team for development of Moodle and Totara plugins. We are working as sub-contractor with several leading Moodle and Totara resellers so you can trust us for our experience.
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