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We at Webner Solutions send regular emails on your behalf to increase the number of leads for your business. Although there are many social media platforms which can be used for generating leads, Email Marketing is still a very effective method since it delivers a personalized message to the receiver. Almost all of the people that matter regularly check their emails (more than checking their social media account). Most of the business owners are often busy with their day to day business operations due to which the marketing factor gets ignored. This negligence could harm the growth of their business. We can help to cover that part and make sure that your business continues to contact more and more prospective clients. Our dedicated team can send emails while following all the Email sending guidelines so as to keep your domain and email account in good health. We send 30-50 personalized email messages everyday or more (if you prefer to send more).

How Emails are Collected and other Details

We use a combination of applications like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Anymailfinder, Email Hunter and Sales Handy to filter out prospects matching your criteria, gather their email addresses and send them personalized emails. Here’s some more detail:

  • We search for potential clients for your business through LinkedIn Sales Navigator that allows us to filter the results on keywords, industry, location, company size, designation etc.
  • We gather email addresses using Anymail Finder or Email Hunter.
  • We send personalized emails either manually or using automated email services such as Saleshandy according to your preference. In order to make sure that your domain ranking remains in good health and emails do not go to spam of the recipient we use targeted subject and send 30-50 emails daily. Email template, preferred date and time of sending emails can be specified by you.
  • For every reply received, we carry forward the discussions or connect the customer with you, whatever the situation demands according to the reply. This ensures that interested people are converted into leads and opportunities.
  • There are a lot of people who would miss reading the emails due to various reasons. We follow up and send reminders to prospects from who we do not receive any reply. In this way, it is made sure that the maximum percentage of the audience is aware of your business offering and a regular marketing effort goes on.

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Webner is trusted by well-established companies across the globe for our responsiveness, diligence, and technical expertise. Contact us today to achieve your marketing goals through Email Marketing by writing to us at our development email id dev@webners.com or by filling the contact us form.
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