Joomla Moodle Integration

You may need a Joomla front end to Moodle LMS at the backend so that courses created in Moodle are accessible to users logged into Joomla. Similarly users who register into Joomla should auto-register to Moodle and course enrollments should get saved into Moodle without any manual intervention. Joomdle is an excellent plugin to support this integration and to accomplish a lot more between the 2 systems. Joomdle needs installation at both ends and proper configuration for the process to work smoothly.
We have vast experience in installing latest Joomla and Moodle versions and integrating both with Joomdle. Whether you have an old setup in which older versions of Joomla and Moodle are in use and integration was done with ProMoodle or some other plugin (or there is no integration) we can bring your setup to the latest versions of Joomla and Moodle and integrate them for smooth working for your team and users. Contact us today.
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