Java Struts Framework Development

We develop custom Java applications using Apache Struts 2 MVC Framework over Tomcat server, Jboss or other web/application servers. Java struts 2 is simple yet powerful MVC framework to write easily maintainable code. We have good experience in all of its major features like POJO-based actions, AJAX, Template support, plugins, REST-based actions, extensionless URLs, Spring plugin, Hibernate plugin, JFreechart plugin (charts) and jQuery plugin (Ajax support, UI widgets, dynamic table, charts). In addition we are quite good in Java Spring and Hibernate so if your application makes use of these frameworks at the backend we can assist you with that.
We are quite strong on the database side as well. Database installation, optimization, schema normalization, constraints, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, data hygiene and other aspects of the database are taken care of by us. We use widely accepted standard technologies like Twitter Bootstrap (for responsiveness), Jquery or Angular JS for cross-browser compatibility, HTML5, CSS3, Font Awesome and other standard libraries.

Most of the Java projects we have done are built on Linux (Suse, Ubuntu, Redhat) and Windows and deployed over variety of infrastructure including AWS, Rackspace and Windows Azure.

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