Spring Framework Development

We develop custom Java Enterprise applications in Spring Framework and Hibernate over Tomcat server, Jboss or other web/application servers. We have in-depth experience in developing applications that utilize Spring framework’s core features like Dependency Injection, Transactions, Messaging, SpEL, WebMVC, AOP, Unit testing framework, Spring JDBC and ORM to name a few. We have worked with Spring 4.x and prior versions. Similarly we have used Hibernate extensively in several projects (version 4.x and earlier).
We are comfortable with all the major features of hibernate including but not limited to annotations, polymorphic queries, native SQL queries, polymorphic and bidirectional associations, XDoclet and HDLCA (Hibernate Dual-Layer Cache Architecture). We have successfully applied to Hibernate against all the major relational database systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre, SQLite and HSQLdb. We are quite strong on the database side as well. Database installation, optimization, schema normalization, constraints, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, data hygiene and other aspects of the database are taken care of by us.
Most of the Java projects we have done are built on Linux (Suse, Ubuntu, Redhat) and Windows and deployed over variety of infrastructure including AWS, Rackspace and Windows Azure. We have built online Sales Configurators that involve complex user interface, business rules and backend logic against Oracle database, eCommerce solutions with front end in Stripes and backend in Spring against MySQL database with Hibernate in the middle and Tools for bulk data extraction, transformation and loading engaging multiple systems. We offer agile work experience and flexible payment plans.

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