IVANS or Teamup Policy Transaction Downloads (AL3 Downloads)

If you want to automate P&C insurance policy downloads into your Agency Management System we can assist you. Webner Team has developed agency management systems from scratch (web based as well as Salesforce applications). Policy Downloads is a core module of insurance agency management systems and extremely important to download authentic policy transaction data from insurance careers into the AMS. IVANS downloads policy transactions from large number of insurance carriers (550+) and EBix Team-UP from 60+. Data is downloaded in ACORD AL3 format. AL3 is a proprietary format (hard to read) and there are ways to convert it into readable data (generally to XML) and then this readable data is downloaded in to Agency management system. Our insurance software developers have extensive experience in implementing ivans policy downloads and teamup policy downloads.

More on Policy Downloads and AL3

AL3 files from IVANS or EBix TEAMUP can be converted into corresponding XML format by using AL3 to XML conversion tools available from IVANS or EForms API from ACORD Solutions Group for AL3 to eLabels mapping (which can then be used to populate ACORD forms easily) or tools made available by some other companies. Once AL3 file is converted into XML, the XML is parsed to extract policy details and data is stored in corresponding AMS or CRM system (Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or others). This process is then scheduled to make it run automatically without any manual intervention. In addition policy documents are uploaded to an external storage system (if applicable) like AWS S3, Azure Storage, Google Docs, DocuSign or Salesforce and are linked to corresponding policy in AMS or CRM. AL3 file contains in-depth information about each policy transaction like Transaction type (Renewal (RWL), Non-Renewal (RWX), New Business Issue (NBS), Rewrite (REW), Cancellation (XLC), Policy Change (PCH), Reinstatement (REI) for e.g.), Producer Detail, Commercial information, Insured and Co-insured party information, policy information (like Policy Number, LOB code, NAIC Code, Contract Term, Renewal Term, Form information, Prior Policy), Location information, Driver information, Vehicle information, File attachments etc as applicable. Attempt is made to match the policy based on LOB, policy number and other fields. Unmatched policies are tracked in Policy Reconcile section. In policy reconcile section user can review the policies one by one and connect them to an existing policy if applicable, update the policy transaction record before applying in case of a mistake in transaction record, delete the transaction or take another action as appropriate. Write to us today at our development email id dev@webnersolutions.com to contact us.

List of what all is included in Policy Downloads Feature

Policy Downloads implementation automates policy transactions data update in your agency management system. All of the following is included in the development of this feature:

  • Configuring IVANS or Teamup AL3 downloads without manual intervention
  • Conversion from AL3 to XML using an available web service or application from IVANS or other companies
  • Parsing XML file to extract policy detail and updating agency management system according to the transaction code
  • Keeping track of unmatched policies in Policy Reconcile section.
  • Uploading of attachments to external storage system like AWS S3, Windows Azure, Google Docs, DocuSign or Salesforce while connecting the document to policy record in AMS
  • Scheduling the entire process to continue to look for new files and download them
  • Creating optimized process to manage large set of downloads for multiple clients

Learn more about our Insurance Policy Downloads Experience

Webner is trusted by renowned companies across the globe for our responsiveness, diligence and technical expertise. Contact us today for the development of Policy downloads feature by writing to us at our development email id dev@webnersolutions.com or by filling the contact us form.
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