Insurance Agency Accounts Management System

We can help you to automate Insurance accounting in your Agency Management System. Whether you are a company with Insurance Agency Management System or an insurance agency we are at your service. Leading insurance Agency Management Systems with insurance accounting support are built by us.

We can help you to create a full fledged Accounting package that will assist you to manage all of the following:
  • Entities (Customers, Accounts, Brokers, Carriers, Vendors, Employees and more)
  • Policies (premium, installments, down payment, commission)
  • Agency and Direct billing
  • Receivables - Invoices, Credits, Payment receipts, Deposits
  • Payables - Expenses, Payments, Recurring expenses, Credits, Checks, Carrier Payable, Producer Payable
  • Journal Entries, Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger (Income statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow, Trial balance, Transaction detail)
  • Reports - Receivable report, Invoice details, Payments received, Payables report, Payments made, Reconciliation

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