Insurance Proposal System Development

If you need a flexible and powerful dynamic insurance proposal systems developed that will generate good looking as well as informative proposal documents for commercial lines or personal lines insurance, we will be glad to assist. We work with prominent US insurance agency system development companies for development of custom proposal systems as well as complete agency management system.
We can assist you to develop a bespoke system that will let you design good looking proposal documents with all the necessary details (pre-populated from your AMS, CRM, database or spreadsheets and manually editable). Also send the proposal by email to anyone or share privately via a web link, track recipient activities in real time (proposal opening, view count, how much time spent on which page), make modifications and resend from within the system. You will also be able to make a copy of the proposal and edit that before resending.

Below is the list of what the system will allow you to do (and more can be added as required):

  • Add/Edit/Hide cover page, logo and other images
  • Display your information (prepared by, date, address, about your company, your services, products with images for example)
  • Display customer information (prepared for, address, purpose etc)
  • Embed custom forms for different policy types and auto-populate your own information, customer information, carrier details, products, services, pricing details from your AMS, CRM, database or spreadsheets and then edit as required
  • Display Policy Schedule (insured details, property, vehicle, coverages, limits, sums insured, excess, deductible, additional clauses, exclusions, warranties)
  • Show/Edit/Hide/Re-position any section manually before sharing the proposal
  • Show/Edit/Hide/Re-position standard messages like Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers etc
  • Show/Hide standard messages like Terms and Conditions
  • Auto generate table of contents
  • e-sign your proposal
  • Create and maintain multiple templates for each type of insurance
  • Make a copy of an earlier proposal document and edit that
  • Send proposal as PDF attachment, as email body or share via a private web link
  • Track recipient activities (like who opened the proposal, how many times and how much time was spent on which page)
  • Use the feature as a standalone application or as an API for integration with other systems

We have rich experience of developing web based AMS systems (VB/C# .NET, Java, PHP) and Salesforce/Zoho/NetSuite CRM based agency management systems. Write to us today at our development email id to get in touch with us or fill the contact form on our website.
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