Customer Portal for Insurance Agency

Customer Portal for Insurance Agency
If you have an Insurance Agency, we can develop a responsive web portal for your clients or enhance your current portal. When customer list is small, it is easy to call them over the phone or explain insurance products personally and issue printed letters. But when the customer list grows (or if you want to grow the customer list), it is very important to have an online portal for customers so they could do a lot of things with self help.
Not only existing customers but you can have a lot of features for those interested in your products as well so as to get leads and grow your business. Your staff will save a lot of time as well with majority of the information available on your portal, so they can contribute in focusing on other important aspects.

This is the list of features that you customer portal can have (and you can add more):

  • List of insurance products and details
  • Information about your company
  • Login accounts for your some/all customers (you can control that)
  • Customers can view their policies, request for renewal, view invoice, pay premium online (under Agency billing), download policy documents (PDFs, Excel, Doc), view charges paid, view policy history, request quotes for new insurance
  • Customers can request change of address, contact details, correction of information in a policy, request to edit coverages, file claims etc
  • Tool to suggest right insurance product based on customer data
  • Custom email templates for auto-maling customer specific information
  • Online document submission and insurance form filling
  • Automated Birthday/Anniversary Messaging
  • Customer Survey generation and distribution by your staff
  • VoIP Phone Integration to call customers from within portal by your staff
  • SMS/Text Messaging from within portal
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Social media integration to share your agency’s information and new products launched by carriers
  • Customer Activity Tracking for you to understand patterns of site usage and advanced analytics for management
  • Integration of customer portal with your CRM and Accounting systems
We can help with this and a lot more. Get in touch today by writing to us at or fill the contact us form. We will be glad to assist you.
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